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J.D. Meier's Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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101 Write the Story for Your Project Administrator
102 How I Learned to Use Scenarios to Evaluate Things Administrator
103 Lifehacker on 30 Days of Getting Results Administrator
104 Book Reviews at a Glance Administrator
105 Business Value Generation is the New Bottleneck Administrator
106 Sources of Insight Refresh: Insights and Actions for Work and Life at Your Fingertips Administrator
107 Back to School Special on Getting Results the Agile Way Administrator
108 Strategy Development, Consumer Experience, and Technology Build Out Administrator
109 Negotiation Skills for Work and Life (or How To Master the Art of Getting What You Want) Administrator
110 Emotional Intelligence Quotes Administrator
111 30 Days of Getting Results Updated Based on Feedback Administrator
112 What’s the Hope, What’s in the Way, What’s the Path Administrator
113 Clear My Email Administrator
114 Interview with Canada’s National Newspaper on Agile Results and Timeboxing Administrator
115 Impostor Syndrome: Is Your Success Only on the Outside? Administrator
116 Don’t Push Agile, Pull It Administrator
117 Anatomy of a High-Potential Administrator
118 Steve Ballmer On a Big Vision — To Help People Realize Their Full Potential Administrator
119 Crush Your Overwhelming List of Things to Do Administrator
120 Rounding Up the Greatest Thoughts of All Time Administrator
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