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Jon Skeet: Coding Blog

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1 Backwards compatibility is (still) hard Administrator
2 Common mistakes in date/time formatting and parsing Administrator
3 Precedence: ordering or grouping? Administrator
4 Backward compatibility pain Administrator
5 Clean event handler invocation with C# 6 Administrator
6 C# 7 feature request #1… extension attributes Administrator
7 C# 6 in action Administrator
8 When is an identifier not an identifier? (Attack of the Mongolian Vowel Separator) Administrator
9 When is a string not a string? Administrator
10 Writing and speaking update Administrator
11 Violating the “smart enum” pattern in C# Administrator
12 The mysteries of BCL time zone data Administrator
13 When is a constant not a constant? When it’s a decimal… Administrator
14 The BobbyTables culture Administrator
15 Object pooling and thread safety Administrator
16 New blog hosting Administrator
17 Micro-optimization: the surprising inefficiency of readonly fields Administrator
18 Anti-pattern: parallel collections Administrator
19 Diagnosing Portable Class Libraries Administrator
20 Extension methods, explicitly implemented interfaces and collection initializers Administrator
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