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EF 4.1 Released

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We are excited to announce the final Release to Web (RTW) of Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 (EF 4.1). This is a fully supported, go-live release.   What’s in EF 4.1? ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 introduces two new features: The DbContext API is a simplified abstraction over ObjectContext and a number of other types that were included in previous releases of the ADO.NET Entity Framework. The DbContext API surface is optimized for common tasks and coding patterns. DbContext can be used with Database First, Model First and Code First development. Code First is a new development pattern for the ADO.NET Entity Framework and provides
an alternative to the existing Database First and Model First patterns. Code First is focused around defining your model using C#/VB.NET classes, these classes can then be mapped to an existing database or be used to generate a database schema. Additional configuration can be supplied using Data Annotations or via a fluent API.   Getting EF 4.1 ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1 is available in a couple of places: Download the stand alone installer Add the ‘EntityFramework’ NuGet package to your project
Note: The NuGet package only includes the EF 4.1 runtime and does not include the Visual Studio item templates...(Read whole news on source site)