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Upgrading to Entity Framework 4.1 RC

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Entity Framework 4.1 RC is out and the team has a great post on what’s included and how to get the bits. I am working on a project using them so I upgraded my code and found a few things that I thought I’d pass along as some tips. Some are more obvious, others might be more special cases that I hit. But either way, it was pretty simple. The entire process took me about 20 minutes, and I was able to walk my colleagues through it in about 5 minutes (typing over Skype).   Upgrading to EF 4.1
RC – 10 Second Overview Typed uninstall-package EFCodeFirst in the NuGet console Typed install-package EntityFramework in the NuGet console Updated a few lines of code for some breaking changes from CTP 5 to RC 1. Uninstall Entity Framework 4.1 CTP 5 First, grab NuGet from here. The first step is to open the NuGet Package Manager Console by opening the menu: View –> Other Windows –> Package Manager Console Make sure the correct project is selected in the drop down (mine is AccoutnsAtAGlance.Model, shown in the figure below) Type...(Read whole news on source site)

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