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Consuming ASP.NET Web API in a Metro Style Application using jQuery

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Abstract: In this tutorial, we will talk about establishing communications between ASP.NET WEB API and Metro-Style application using jQuery, for performing CRUD operations.
Microsoft has provided the developer community with a brand new execution environment and a collection of new APIs called WinRT to develop UI rich full screen applications known as Metro-Style Applications. These applications can be developed on Windows 8 using VS 2012 (currently not released and available as a Release Candidate) and can be used on Windows 8 Tables devices. The nicest part of these applications is
they can be developed using XAML and C#, HTML5 and JavaScript (or jQuery). Since HTML5 based is used for developing UI and jQuery can be used to make external calls to WCF services and Web API, we can easily develop business applications for those users who are just interested in using applications for business use than an application developed using a specific technology. 
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