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Display weather information in your site using jQuery and Yahoo services

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Few months back, I wrote an article about how to retrieve weather information from using XOAP services. In that article I was subscribing the data from server side, caching data to SQL server database and then retrieving the information from SQL to display on the page. You can read that article from the link . After published the article, I received certain queries about retrieving the weather information without using any server side technology, so I decided to write this. In this article I am going to explain how you can retrieve weather
information from Yahoo services using jQuery and JSONP. Yahoo provides real time weather data for the location of your choice. Yahoo provides lot of options for developers by providing the data in various formats such as RSS, JSON, JSONP etc. To know more about weather services from Yahoo, you can refer the below link. To retrieve weather for a particular location, you need to pass two parameters as follows. w – WOEID, this parameter refers to the location for weather you are looking for ...(Read whole news on source site)

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