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How I spent $75,000 during a budget freeze

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It was 2008 - a bad year for a lot of companies. The company for which I worked was no exception and we were hit with a budget freeze. No one was allowed to buy anything. A few months in to the budget freeze, though, I got the CIO and CEO to sign off on my purchase order of $75,000 for a virtualization environment.

What is new in RavenDB 3.0: SQL Replication

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SQL Replication has been a part of RavenDB for quite some time,showing up for the first time in the 1.0 build as the Index Replication Bundle. This turned out to be a very useful feature, and in 3.0 we had a dedicated developer for this for several weeks, banging it into new and interesting shapes. We started out with a proper design for how you want to use it. And I’m just going to take you through the process for a bit, then talk about the backend changes. We start by defining a named connection string (note that you can actually
test this immediately): And then we define the actual replication behavior: Note that we have the Tools control in the top? Clicking it and selecting Simulate will give you: So you can actually see the commands that we are going to execute to replicate a specific document. That is going to save a lot of head scratching about “why isn’t this replicating properly”. You can even run this simulation against your source db, to check for errors such as constraint violations, etc. The SQL Replication bundle now support forcing query recompilation, which avoid bad query plans caching in SQL Server: And for...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,162 – Layout in Action, part I

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Layout in WPF dictates how layout panels (containers) arrange their child elements.  Layout consists of two phases: Measure – Container asks each child what its desired size is Container calls Measure on each child element In MeasureOverride, child element determines how much size it wants (typically by calling Measure on each of its own child elements) Child element returns its […]

The Morning Brew #1698

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Software EF6.1.2 Beta 1 Available – Rowan Miller announces the release of the beat of Entity Framework 6.1.2, a patch release addressing bugs and adding in a couple of community sourced features. Information Features Of ES6 Part 7: Template Literals – K. Scott Allen continues his series looking at the EcmaScript 6 Standard, taking a […]

8 things every .NET developer must understand

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You’ve been in your current job for a while now, and you’re really starting to get good at what you do.  You’re perhaps thinking about finding something new, and you’re wondering what sort of questions a potential new employer might ask.  I’ve been interviewing a lot recently and I have noticed there are 8 questions […] The post 8 things every .NET developer must understand appeared first on Developer Handbook.

Visual Studio Build fails with MSB4086 after NuGet Update-packages command

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Originally posted on: just got into some strange errors after I had done a NuGet update-packages of some package.  The build of the solution after the update failed with a strange error on some numeric comparison which could not be done: This one followed by an error list like this: Restarting Visual Studio makes it go away, but it is still a nuisance. Since this happened after a NuGet operation I found it useful to mention this to Xavier Decoster , the author of the
href="" target="_blank">Pro NuGet book, and also one of the founders of the superb MyGet service, and he asked if I might be using ReSharper.  Which I of course could confirm, who doesn’t ? It turns of the issue is caused by ReSharper, and was just recently fixed in an update 8.2.2 (I had 8.2.1).    So go upgrade your ReSharper to 8.2.2, before you do any Nuget Update-packages commands
...(Read whole news on source site)

Arlington schools announce key findings from ‘Big Data’ competition - The Washington Post

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Arlington schools announce key findings from ‘Big Data’ competition - The Washington Post

Arlington Schools, with the help of CK-12 (a Silicon Valley-based
nonprofit) and parent volunteer Aneesh Chopra (Obama's first Chief
Technology Officer), hosted a competition to find predictive models and
trends to improve the school system's graduation rate. Here's what they found