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#1,117 – Internationalization II – Obey CurrentCulture for Input

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The first step in internationalizing an application is to ensure that your application honors the user’s current regional settings, as reflected by the CurrentCulture property of the application’s main thread. Current culture impacts not only how you display the following types of data, but also how the user inputs this data: Numeric data Date/time values These values are typically stored internally as […]

Introducing inefficiencies into RavenDB, on purpose

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Yes, I choose the title on purpose. The topic of this post is this issue. In RavenDB, we use replication to ensure high availability and load balancing. We have been using that for the past five years now, and in general, it has been great, robust and absolutely amazing when you need it. But like all software, it can run into interesting scenarios. In this case, we had three nodes, call them A, B and C. In the beginning, we had just A & B and node A was the master node, for which all the data was written
and node B was there as a hot spare. The customer wanted to upgrade to a new RavenDB version, and they wanted to do that with zero downtime. They setup a new node, with the new RavenDB server, and because A was the master server, they decided to replicate from node B to the new node. Except… nothing appear to be happening. No documents were replicating to the new node, however, there was a lot of CPU and I/O. But nothing was actually happening. The customer opened a support call, and it didn’t take long to figure out what...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1654

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Software Application Insights SDK (0.9.0) – Crystal Maly highlights the latest release of the Application Insights SDK, supporting Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Store 8.1, JavaScript and Web Applications as well as logging adapters Information Copy-paste defects – Eric Lippert answers a question from his webcast, discussing the dangers of copy paste of code. Conventional HTML […]

Class: Source Control JumpStart with TFS Version Control - [LearningLine]

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Class: Source Control JumpStart with TFS Version Control - [LearningLine]

Do you need to get up to speed on Team Foundation version control? Then the Source Control with TFS Version Control
course is built for you! This course digs into all the details of using
TFS source control. It covers all the basics: checkin, checkout, and
changesets. Then you'll dig into more advanced topics such as branching
and merging, leveraging the TFS power tools, getting the most out of
workspaces and more. The course also covers important changes introduced
Visual Studio / Team Foundation Server 2012....(Read whole news on source site)

Self Hosting OWIN and WebAPI

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In this fourth blog post of the OWIN and Katana series, we’ll be discussing about the various hosting options available for Katana. As the OWIN specification said the server and host are separated so we can use a list of types of host to host the OWIN middleware i.e. Katana. The application will be working in a normal hosting environment. Warning: - This article is valid with the version of