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RavenDB 3.5 whirl wind tour: A large cluster goes into a bar and order N^2 drinks

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Imagine that you have a two nodes cluster, setup as master-master replication, and then you write a document to one of them. The node you wrote the document to now contacts the 2nd node to let it knows about the new document. The data is replicated, and everything is happy in this world. But now let us imagine it with three nodes. We write to node 1, which will then replicate to nodes 2 and 3. But node 2 is also configured to replicate to node 3, and given that we have a new document in, it will do just
that. Node 3 will detect that it already have this document and turn that into a no-op. But at the same time that node 3 is getting the document from node 2, it is also sending the document it got from node 1 to node 2. This work, and it evens out eventually, because replicating a document that was already replicated is safe to do. And on high load systems, replication is batched, so you typically don't see a problem until you get to bigger cluster sizes. Let us take the following six way cluster. In this graph, we...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #2083

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Apologies if some of you missed yesterday’s edition – I managed to miss adding the ‘Morning Brew’ tag to the post – its fixed now, and thanks to Bill for letting me know. Software The future of mobile app development – Nat Friedman discusses how bringing Xamarin technology into Microsoft leads to a new future […]

T-SQL Tips: Can a UDF Return Values of Multiple Datatypes?

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This was a question raised in one of the forums recently.
This blog explains how we can create a user defined function (UDF) which can return values of different datatypes under different conditions.
Consider the case where we require creating a user defined function which based on the conditions have to return values of different data types. Since a user defined function can have only a single datatype for the return value we need to find a datatype which can store values for different data types. There's a datatype available in SQLServer called sql_variant which can be used
for this purpose

As per MSDN sql_variant is :-

A data type that stores values of various SQL Server-supported data types.

So we can utilize sql_variant datatype as the return value for the user defined function which will have the ability to store and return values for all the SQLServer supported datatypes

As an illustration we can consider a user defined function as below

ALTER FUNCTION dbo.TestVariant
@Mode char(1)
RETURNS sql_variant
DECLARE @Ret sql_variant
IF @Mode = 'i'
SELECT @Ret = 1
ELSE IF @Mode = 'v'
SELECT...(Read whole news on source site)

Visual Studio Team Services Bug Tracker with HockeyApp for Universal Windows Apps

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You can use HockeyApp to create bugs for crash reports and track feedback in several bug tracking systems directly.  In this post we will see how we can create crash issues as defect in Visual Studio Team Services.  The configuration steps are quite simple and can be achieved by following below steps. Before your precede [...]

Understanding Database Scalability – Vertical and Horizontal

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Since I have started my consulting engagements with customers around the world, I have been asked interesting queries from time to time. In a recent customer call, the customer insisted I assist them in taking a call on if they need to buy one server with 64 cores or if they need to buy 2 servers of 32 cores. I had to explain that it is always not that simple to answer the same. After close to 30 mins of conversation they understood finally what I was talking. I took a moment to blog about this engaging conversation about database


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喫煙の危険性は、肺がんなどの発症のリスクが上昇してしまうことなどで知られています。 肺がん以外にも呼吸器疾患などの発症率が高まることによって、体への健康被害が大きいものと考えられています。 肺がんの発症リスクについては、...続きを読む 投稿施設基準に達してる病院の禁煙治療で肺がんのリスク減禁煙を開始して体を健康に!の最初に登場しました。