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Understanding TFS migrations from on-premise to Visual Studio Online

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I have recently been doing a lot of migrations and Willy asked me to write a white-paper about understanding TFS migrations from on-premise to Visual Studio Online. The post Understanding TFS migrations from on-premise to Visual Studio Online appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.

APIs should not be copyrightable

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APIs should not be copyrightable

The original lawsuit was brought by Oracle against Google,
claiming that Oracle held a copyright on the Java APIs, and that
Google infringed these APIs when they built Android. My support in
this brief has nothing to do with the details of the dispute
between these two tech giants, but everything to do with the
question of how intellectual property law should apply to
software, particularly software

Hosting vNext application on Linux server on Azure

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In this tutorial we’ll see how to host vNext application on Linux server image running on Azure. In order to follow the steps firstly you need to have Microsoft Azure account. The supported Linux version is Ubuntu snappy. Login to the to access your Azure account. In this article I’m using the newly launched azure portal which is having blades to support

confessions of a video game addict

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I LOVE video games! Love them. I’ve been playing them since I was 6 or 8, I think… and I’m still playing them nearly 30 years later. When the game Destiny was released a few months ago? Picked it up on release day and played WWWAAAAAaaaayyy too much of it. Call Of Duty, Advanced Warfare? […]

Gossip much? Operating with partial information, and getting the right result.

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Unlike the previous two posts, this is going to be short. Primarily because what I wanted to talk about it what impresses me most with both HyParView and Plumtree. The really nice thing about them is that they are pretty simple, easy to understand and produce good results. But the fun part, and what make it impressive is that they manage to achieve that with a small set of simple rules, and without any attempt to create a global view. They operate just fine with potentially very small set of the data overall, but still manage to operate, self optimize
and get to the correct result. In fact, I did some very minor attempts to play with this at large scale, and we see a pretty amazing emergent behavior. Without anyone knowing what is going on globally, we are able to get to the optimal number of interactions in the cluster to distribute information. That is really pretty cool. And because this post is too short, I’ll leave you with a question. Given that you have this kind of infrastructure, what would you do with it? What sort of information or operations would you try to send using this...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1760

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Software Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 CTP 1 from Official Microsoft Download Center – MS Downloads Bing Developer Assistant Released – Shabbar Husain Information APIs should not be copyrightable – Martin Fowler Background threads in applications (Part 3 – threading side effects) – Paul Cociuba NetMQ + RX Streaming Data Demo App […]

Microsoft releases Gestures Beta app for #Lumia #WindowsPhone

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Microsoft released a new beta app named “Gestures Beta” for Lumia Windows Phone devices which enables you to interact with your phone device in different useful ways. If activated, you can gesture to manage your calls and silence your alarms. In this post, sharing more information about the app and the link to download the app from the Windows Phone Store. Use it and share your feedback to Microsoft.   Gesture Beta app for Windows Phone (Lumia) devices can perform the following functions:Silence incoming calls when I place the phone face down on a surface Answer incoming calls when I
raise the phone to my ear Toggle speaker mode during a call when I place the phone face up on a surface or raise it back to my ear Mute the microphone when I place the phone face down on a surface during a call   Once downloaded, you need to launch the app for the first time to activate the features. When it activates, it will ask you to restart the device. This is necessary, else the functionalities will not apply to the shell. Once rebooted, try calling to that device from another number and perform the said operation mentioned above....(Read whole news on source site)