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Originally posted on:, Plural Sight have an excellent course on building a state machine. (For an explanation of state machines see

The specific example developed was that for telephone receiving a call. The code was exercised via a winforms harness.  I would have preferred an additional project(s) to exercise the code via either NUnit and / or an MSUnit.

The only other drawback I found was that code has limited stylecop compliance.

Otherwise, I recommend this course to all Dot Net developers.

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Since I intended to avoid Windows at home, I got a Macbook Pro starting out at my new job. Overall it has been a great machine for doing development; it's fast, light enough to carry around, its battery life is outstanding, it has a screen that's gentle to the eyes, and full screen apps together with powerful mouse gestures allow me to quickly shuffle between things not missing touch or a second monitor.

Most of my professinal work is still on the Microsoft stack though, so I'm running a Windows 8.1 VM on VMWare Fusion 6. Much to
my frustration, this setup would gradually slow down my system until it would completely grind to a halt every few hours. After complaining about it on Twitter, people said that having 8GB of RAM with half of that allocated to the VM might not be enough.

However after applying some tweaks, I got my system to chug away for a week without any hangs.

Here is what I changed:
Turn off App Nap for VMwareInstall Memory CleanDisable Windows visual effects (Advanced System Settings - Visual Effects)Turn off Resharper Solution-Wide AnalysisTurn off Visual Studio...(Read whole news on source site)

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By default, the Canvas panel does not clip its child elements at the boundaries of the Canvas.  If the child element does not fit entirely within the Canvas, it will extend beyond the edge of the Canvas. For example, assume that we put a Label on a Canvas: If we place the Canvas in a large enough Window, the Canvas will be large […]



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