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Xamarin.Android– Wearable Demo Project is now on Github

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Originally posted on:’ve decided to put the demo project on github in case someone would want to see and run the demo project I’ve created about syncing data between wearable and handheld device. Here’s the link: If you are new to Android development and would like to explore it using Xamarin and Visual Studio then you can check my previous article about: Getting Started with Android Wearable using Xamarin and Visual Studio. You can also check my other blog posts below: Xamarin.Android and Visual Studio–Build Failed with no

ASP.NET MVC 6 formatters – XML and browser requests

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A while ago I wrote a post about formatters in MVC 6. Since then, there have been some changes regarding XML handling and an interesting feature that was added recently that was not part of that post, so I think it warranties a follow up. XML formatter is now removed by default. On top of […]The post ASP.NET MVC 6 formatters – XML and browser requests appeared first on StrathWeb.

Work stealing in the presence of startup / shutdown costs

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I mentioned that we have created our own thread pool implementation in RavenDB to handle our specific needs. A common scenario that ended up quite costly for us was the notion of parallelizing similar work. For example, I have 15,000 documents to index .That means that we need to go over each of the documents and apply the indexing function. That is an embarrassingly parallel task. So that is quite easy. One easy way to do that would be to do something like this:
foreach(var doc in docsToIndex) ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(()=> IndexFunc(new[]{doc}));
Of course, that generates 15,000 entries for the thread pool, but
that is fine. Except that there is an issue here, we need to do stuff to the result of the indexing. Namely, write them to the index. That means that even though we can parallelize the work, we still have non trivial amount of startup & shutdown costs. Just running the code like this would actually be much slower than running it in single threaded mode. So, let us try a slightly better method:
foreach(var partition in docsToIndex.Partition(docsToIndex.Length / Environment.ProcessorCount)) ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(()=> IndexFunc(partition));
If my machine has 8 cores, then this will queue 8 tasks to the thread pool, each indexing just under 2,000 documents....(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1847

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Information DRY out your policies – Eric Lippert Object Oriented, Test Driven Design in C# and Java: A Practical Example Part #5 | – Paul Mooney To improve testing, snoop on the competition – Gojko Adzic TDD Gamification – Dave M Bush All you need to know about Redis & An easy way to use […]

This Post Has No Value

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I set out to write a post on Incremental Searching in Xamarin applications (which I will do next) but along the way I realized i need a goodly amount of data to search. This is a  problem that arises fairly … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

BIDS Helper 1.7.0 released

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Originally posted on: few days ago the BIDS Helper team released of v1.7.0 which you can download from here: This version comes with a few bug fixes, and some new functionality, but the most significant enhancements are to the BIML Engine thanks to our friends at Varigence. I’ve copied and pasted the release notes below. Note that there are some possible breaking changes in the new BIML Engine, so if you have existing BIML script please read this section carefully. ====== Release Notes ======= Fixed Issues:
Fixes to all features so they work when the project is inside a solution folder. Fixed Biml project connections in Visual Studio 2013. Reports launch in the proper version of the Report Viewer control in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013.
Improvements Biml updates to bring it up-to-date with Mist 4.0 Biml updates to support emitting SSIS 2014 packages from Visual Studio 2013. Biml brings the Output window to the front, displays a progress bar, and displays a...(Read whole news on source site)

Google Expands Access to Big Data Tool -- ADTmag

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Google Expands Access to Big Data Tool -- ADTmag

Cloud Dataflow tool for Big Data analytics is being moved to beta status, making it available to more developers.

The tool, which had been in a private alpha program, enables
large-scale event-time-based stream processing or batch processing of
data. Google said it fits use cases such as extract, transform, load
(ETL), analytics, real-time computing and orchestration of processes.