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Introducing the AngularU Conference

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In late 2014 my good friend Peter Kellner approach me with a big idea – an idea that immediately caught my attention. He wanted to explore collaborating on a new conference idea that would highlight Angular and other “hot” Web development topics and wondered if I’d be interested in working with him and another friend of his named Kevin Nilson (who is also a good friend now) on a full-scale conference. I’ve been involved with chairing a lot of conference tracks over the years but never been the driving force behind organizing an entire
conference. While the idea was definitely exciting it was also a little scary – at least initially.

After talking more with Peter and Kevin I decided to jump in and we’ve been working hard to put on a top-notch conference called AngularU (short for “Angular University”) that will be held in San Francisco from June 22 – 25, 2015. I’m really excited about the conference and thought I’d discuss some of the key reasons in this post. The Web is Changing Rapidly It’s no secret that the web is changing at a rapid pace. In fact “rapid” may...(Read whole news on source site)

Rx Challenge #4 (solution)

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the last challenge was about composing multiple message into single messageby reading the message header. you can read more about it in here.   you can check the solutions for this challenge on the Rx forum or on the following code snippet: Enjoy [TestMethod] public void SwitchPlusTests_Test() { // device provides stream of byte[] that […]

Interview question: fix the index

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This is something that goes into the “what to ask a candidate”. Given the following class: public class Indexer { private Dictionary> terms = new Dictionary>(StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase); public void Index(string docId, string text) { var words = text.Split(); foreach (var term in words) { List val;
if (terms.TryGetValue(term, out val) == false) { val = new List(); terms[term] = val; } val.Add(docId); } } ...(Read whole news on source site)

Ever want to create bugs from email?

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Someone recently posted an open source copy of a popular internal tool called Mail2Bug. It will automatically create bugs from an email and then keep the bug up to date with any further conversation that happens on the email thread.  It works for both VS Online and TFS but requires that you use Exchange (or O365). Check it out... Brian  

Creating a Simple Event Calendar for ASP.NET (Web Forms)

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With DHTMLX Scheduler you can create not solely a MVC-based calendar control but also get a ready ASP.NET scheduling solution:  Simply follow the 11 steps described below: 1. Create a new C# project by selecting ASP.NET Web Application; 2. Copy the library reference to your ‘App_Data’  project folder and go to References -> Add the reference to your application; 3. Copy the provided calendar scripts to the Scripts folder of your project; 4. Create a new database by right-clicking on ‘App_Data’  ->  Add New Item ->  Select SQL Sever Database and name it “Sample.mdf”; 5. Add a new table with the columns id,
text, start_date and end_date. Data types should be set as int, nvarchar(250), datetime and datetime correspondingly (see the picture below). Save it as “Event”. Note that a primary key should be assigned to id and the identity column has to be  additionally enabled; 
The table can also be created with the following query: 
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Events]( [id] int IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [text] nvarchar(250) NULL, [start_date] datetime NOT NULL, [end_date] datetime NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id) )
6. Right-click on ‘Your_project_name’ to create a new LINQ to SQL database model, name it “Sample.dbml” and add “Event” table to it;    7. To create the...(Read whole news on source site)

WebCamp Essentials

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Since the beginning of this year, I have had the privilege to tour across the west coast speaking at WebCamps featuring content and demos using Visual Studio 2013.  A common theme across all of these camps was the positive reaction to some particular demos targeting the productive features enhancing web development.  Specifically, these demos were showcasing the goodness found in the Web Essentials extension for Visual Studio.  Although I have been a fan for years, it was surprising to me how many long-time ASP.NET
developers were not using it or even aware of it.  Thus I am inspired to spread the word about this free add-in which is available for multiple versions of Visual Studio.  It was truly an essential part of the WebCamp experience, thus why I named this post “WebCamp Essentials”. In the spirit of the WebCamps, I would like to reveal the features that seemed to render the highest level of praise or interest – and in no particular order.  Although all the features are listed...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1830

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Information Download all your NuGet Package Licenses – Phil Haack discusses software licenses, and shares a useful bit of PowerShell to get the license details for all of your NuGet Dependencies ChessTDD 28: Preparing for Idiomatic SpecFlow – Erik Dietrich continues improving his use of SpecFlow with a look at representing the moves on the […]