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Start Your Digital Vision by Reenvisioning Your Customer Experience

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You probably hear a lot about the Mega-Trends (Cloud, Mobile, Social, and Big Data), or the Nexus of Forces (the convergence of social, mobility, cloud and data insights patterns that drive new business scenarios), or the Mega-Trend of Mega-Trends (Internet of Things). And you are probably hearing a lot about digital transformation and maybe even about the rise of the CDO (Chief Digital Officer.) All of this digital transformation is about creating business change, driving business outcomes, and driving better business results. But how do you create your digital vision and strategy?   And, where
do you start? In the book, Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation, George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, and Andrew McAfee, share some of their lessons learned from companies that are digital masters that created their digital visions and are driving business change. 3 Perspectives of Digital Vision When it comes to creating your digital vision, you can focus on reenvisioning the customer experience, the operational processes, or your business model. Via Leading Digital: “Where should you focus your digital vision? Digital visions usually take one of three perspectives: reenvisioning...(Read whole news on source site)

VS Online Data Protection

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It’s not uncommon that I get questions about data security and privacy in Visual Studio Online.  It’s something we take very seriously, design for, test for and focus on. Jeff Beehler, who runs our compliance team, did a talk at TechEd Europe this week on our data protection approach.  As he worked to put together his presentation, he also put together a VS Online Data Protection document to share the information even more broadly.  You’ll find it hosted along with other key service documents (like our service level agreement) on the VS Online support page.
In addition to working to describe our approach to data protection, we have also begun our certification journey to officially document our adherence to established industry practices.  We are nearly finished with our first certification – ISO 27001 and, assuming all goes well, we’ll achieve that around the end of this year.  Soon after that we’ll be working on demonstrating compliance with the European Model Clauses.  After that we’ll continue our journey, working towards increasingly strict compliance regimens like FISMA and others. I hope this document is helpful in understanding how we go about protecting your...(Read whole news on source site)

O’Reilly offer to 05:00 PT 7/November/2014 - O’Reilly Web Design Starter Kit

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Originally posted on: 05:00 PT 7/November/2014 are offering 50% off individual books from the O’Reilly Web Design Starter Kit at If you buy the whole kit, the saving is 60%! Learning Web Design, 4th Edition “Do you want to build web pages, but have no previous experience? This friendly guide is the perfect place to start. You’ll begin at square one, learning how the Web and web pages work, and then steadily build from there. By the end of the book, you’ll have the skills to create a simple site with
multi-column pages that adapt for mobile devices.  Learn how to use the latest techniques, best practices, and current web standards—including HTML5 and CSS3. Each chapter provides exercises to help you to learn various techniques, and short quizzes to make sure you understand key concepts.” Learning Responsive Web Design “Deliver an optimal user experience to all devices—including tablets, smartphones, feature phones, laptops, and large screens—by learning the basics of responsive web design. In this hands-on guide, UX designer Clarissa Peterson explains how responsive web design works, and takes you through a responsive workflow from project...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,191 – Custom Element with a Single Child Element

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Below is an example of a simple custom element that derives from FrameworkElement and includes a single child element (UIElement), set using the Child dependency property. Here’s the full code the the custom element.  We do the following: Override both Measure and Layout Override VisualChildrenCount and GetVisualChild to respond indicating that we have a single child Override Render to render the graphical portion of the […]

The Morning Brew #1726

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Software Version 1.9.2 for Asp.Net Released – Anthony van der Hoorn announces the release of Version 1.9.2 of Glimpse for ASP.NET, a maintenance release which addresses reported issues and applies community fixes Another ReSharper 9 EAP build: now with ReSharper C++ – The ReSharper team announce the release of their latest Early Access Preview release […]

It Is Too Soon to Panic on AngularJS 2.0

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So AngularJS team finally is talking more publically about what they’re trying to do. At the ngEurope conference last week, they talked very opening about their new strategy for AngularJS 2.0 and it has a lot of people freaked out. Sounds a lot like some reaction to Silverlight in fact. I’m seeing a flood of hate on the AngularJS team at the moment. I am not sure it is justified. Here’s why: While there are a lot of details about what they’re thinking being shown and shared, the reality is that
target="_blank">AngularJS 2.0 comes out in 13 months. A huge amount of time in web development. I am sure they are hearing all the concern and fear and are taking it into account. I suspect it will be fine. “But what about lack of backwards compatibility…” Again, with so much time before release, the new direction will be clearer as we get closer. Sure it may involve a re-write, but so will going to another library (e.g. ReactJS, etc.) In fact, this happens a lot, especially in web development. It’s a tricky thing…break the old stuff to get better...(Read whole news on source site)

Visual Studio Toolbox: Load Testing Made Easier

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Previously on Visual Studio Toolbox, Chuck Sterling showed how to load test your Web Sites so that you can see how well your software responds to various levels of usage. In this episode, Chuck returns to show that it is now much easier to set up load testing. You can do this right from the Visual Studio Online home page! Chuck has Robert create and run a load test to confirm that a performance issue has been fixed in a demo app. For more information, check out his blog post.