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Top 3 Features I’m Excited About in SQL Server 2014 - SQL Server Team Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

mark certain transactions as delayed durable,
meaning control returns to the client before the log record is written
to disk, as opposed to fully durable, which hardens the transaction log
to disk before returning control to the client. Also called Lazy Commit

read more about the new estimator in Books Online: What’s New (Database Engine) and in the white paper “Testing cardinality estimation models in SQL

SQL Server 2012 introduced nonclustered columnstore indexes, many of us have been looking forward to clustered columnstore indexes...(Read whole news on source site)

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If one or both columns on either size of a GridSplitter (in its own column) have a width set to Auto, the behavior is as follows (“proportional” refers to star sizing): Both columns set to Auto: Left column changes size and is switched to Absolute sizing Left column Auto, right column proportional: Both columns change size, left switches to Absolute, […]

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On April 8th, I opened up the new subscription service for WatchMeCode’s screencasts. This included a brand new website, a new membership system, all of the existing content that I had previously recorded being made available, and a short launch sequence for the new service to try and build some anticipation. After one week of […]

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Note: This is done purely as a design practice. We don’t have any current plans to implement this, but I find that it is a good exercise in general. How would I go about building a search engine for RavenDB to replace Lucene. Well, we have Voron as the basis for storage, so from the get go, we have several interesting changes. To start with, we inherit the transactional properties of Voron, but more importantly, we don’t have to do merges, so we don’t have any of those issues. In other words, we can actually generate stable document ids. But I’m probably
jumping ahead a bit. We’ll start with the basics. Analysis / indexing is going to be done in very much the same way. Users will provide an analyzer and a set of documents, like so:

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Software Azure Updates: Web Sites, VMs, Mobile Services, Notification Hubs, Storage, VNets, Scheduler, AutoScale and More - Scott Guthrie formally announces the latest batch of updates from the Azure Team, including SSL on websites, Chef and Puppet extensions for Virtual Machines, enhancements for Notification Hubs, mobile services, the GA release of Read Access Geo Redundant [...]



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