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Fixing Windows 10 store issues

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It seems to be a common problem with the Windows 10 store to have issues downloading or updating apps. Any message you see is probably something like “Windows Store - Error Code: 0x80070005” or “Error Code: 0x803f7000”. The problem seems to be that some metadata related to the store gets corrupted, because more often than not the solution is to run wsreset, a utility that resets the store app. The wsreset utility is installed with Windows 10, so all you need to do is press the Windows key and type ‘wsreset’. Click or tap the wsreset app to run it. Some people find that it works best to
immediately reboot the computer, then open the store and your downloads should work. I find that the reboot is not typically required, so your mileage may vary. ...(Read whole news on source site)

Download Windows SDK for Windows 10

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Along with global launch of Windows 10 build 10240 (RTM), Microsoft opened the path for the developers to build and publish apps for Windows 10. The Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for download. This SDK for Windows 10 contains headers, libraries and tools you can use to build apps. In this post, sharing/bookmarking the link to download the SDK Tools for Windows 10 along with the known issues currently there in this build.   If you didn’t yet upgraded to the Windows 10 build, you can follow this post to download the ISO image or
upgrade directly from Windows 7 or Windows 8.x systems. You also need Visual Studio 2015 to develop apps for Windows 10. You can download Visual Studio 2015 (ISO + Web Installer are included) from Microsoft by visiting the post. You can also go for a Community Edition of the Visual Studio 2015, which is free for individual developers, open source development, academic research, education and small professional teams to build cross-platform mobile apps for Windows, iOS and Android. You can download it from here: Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (Free).  Please note that, this SDK also supports...(Read whole news on source site)

PhantomJS and Office 365 Brisbane

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I thoroughly enjoyed my trip up to Brisbane.  I got to see some friends, saw my sister and presented PhantomJS with SharePoint and SharePoint Online.  The response was tremendous, those that came to my session seems really interested and gave me more ideas for future discussions. The presentation and demo are here new business case scenarios:Automated Smoke Testing of sites - randomly check pages and DOM exist - "nothing has so far blown up"Smoke Testing of sites with different credentials!Scanning and scrapping text off dynamic (Single Page Application) pages and feed them to SharePoint's Search Indexing Service.  Thus,
you can have textual search linking back to dynamic URLs.I also really enjoyed Elaine's session on SharePoint 2016.
The next Office 365 Saturday in Australia will be in Melbourne.  The registration is up here: whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1914

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Information Announcing NuGet 3.1 with Support for Universal Windows Platform – Jeffrey T. Fritz Building Apps for Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2015 – S.Somasegar Debugging .NET Native Windows Universal Apps – Andrew B Hall IntelliTrace, method call information, and Edit and Continue – Angelos Petropoulos New regular expression features in ECMAScript 6 – Dr. […]

Install windows 10 dual boot with no keys

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Here we are Today, we have another great release of Windows i.e. Windows 10. Well, If you own a window7/8/8.1 you can directly upgrade your windows to windows 10. But there might be a problem... Read the complete post from my Blog: Follow my Tweets:

What Makes a Good CMS?

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Content management systems (CMSs) provide a separation between content and code. This allows, among other things, non-programmers to create and maintain website content. This post demonstrates how the open source .NET CMS Umbraco can be used to create a complex website while maintaining a clean code base. CMSs solve a common problem therefore there are hundreds of different ones to choose from. Having such a large selection is both a blessing and a curse; by what criteria do you choose? When CMSs are compared, it is often by feature set. This is a reasonable way to make a decision, but up
to a point. When choosing a CMS (or any framework), don’t only consider what you think you will need when you start the project - think about what will be important 6 months into the project. Will you care if response times are 150ms instead of 100ms? Will you care if the CMS supported a shopping cart out of the box so you didn’t have to spend a week implementing it? Probably not. But something that will affect you for the lifetime of the project is the quality and complexity of the code base. Code quality will vary depending on...(Read whole news on source site)

Building Apps for Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2015

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Today is an exciting day for Windows users and developers alike with the launch of Windows 10.  For developers, Windows 10 represents the culmination of our platform convergence journey with Windows running on a single, unified Windows core. This convergence enables one app targeting the Universal Windows Platform to run on every Windows device – on the phone in your pocket, the tablet or laptop in your bag, the PC on your desk, and the Xbox console in your living room. And that’s not even mentioning all the new devices being added to the Windows family, including the
href="">HoloLens, Surface Hub, and IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi 2. All these Windows devices will access one unified Store for app acquisition, distribution and updates. Today, I’m excited to announce that along with the RTM of Windows 10, you can now build apps for the Universal Windows Platform with Visual Studio 2015. The Windows Dev Center is also now open and accepting submissions of your Universal Windows apps. Since the first preview of these tools in March, we have made significant updates to many parts of Visual Studio to make it easy to build apps for the...(Read whole news on source site)