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Microsoft DevRadio: Using Blend to Help Design Your Windows 8 Apps (Part 1)

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Andrew Duthie and Program Manager Kirupa Chinnathambi from the Microsoft Expression Blend team join us for part one of this series as we take an inside look at how Blend can help developers design their Windows 8 apps. Tune in as they build a basic “hello world” application, add HTML assets and style it using CSS. Next Steps:
Step #1 – Download the Tools for Windows 8 App Development
Step #2 – Download Visual Studio Express for Windows 8
Step #3 – Start
building your own Apps for Windows 8 Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes, Zune, or RSS If you're interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information: Websites: Getting started with Windows 8 Apps How to Sell Your Apps and Make Money in the Windows Store Attend a Windows 8 Developer Camp and Hackathon in your area! Blogs & Articles: Andrew Duthie’s Blog Check out the...(Read whole news on source site)

Friday App Shout-Out: LastPass and Shut The Box

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Welcome to another installment of Friday App Shout-out. This week's new apps from Mid-Atlantic developers are: LastPass Most of you have probably heard of LastPass, one of the better-known password management services available. Well, LastPass is now available for Windows 8: Congrats to LastPass! Shut the Box Shut The Box is a port of a fun game from Windows Phone to Windows 8. The idea is deceptively simple. You roll the dice, and select numbered tiles to drop, based on your roll. If you drop all the tiles before you run out
of moves, you win. This version includes achievements and online leaderboard. The app is written by local developer Eric Lyons: Great job, Eric, and congrats!...(Read whole news on source site)

Keeping the web searchable

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For the past few months I have been working on a way to make client-side web applications indexable by search engines. At this point the core server-side rendering of client-side UI is working and publically available (although not very reliable or user friendly).

To help me test I built a demo site that loads its content asynchronously via ajax. I can then use curl, or a browser, to request a rendered version of the page. The response includes the original headers from target site:
GMT loads content from the server with a two second delay. When the page first loads it is a blank frame, then the content of the article appears two seconds later. When is asked to render this url it waits for the ajax load and renders the complete page, including the dynamic content:  
(Read whole news on source site)

Critical Path Training's SharePoint 2013 Roadshow in St. Louis

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Ted Pattison of Critical Path Training will be in St. Louis on November 27-28 to deliver a 2 day version of the popular "The Great SharePoint Adventure" training class. This class will cover SharePoint 2013 -- yes, the new stuff! This compressed class will provide lectures and demos, with a handbook that students can take home and labs that they can complete on their own time. Think of this as a more inexpensive way to get the core informtion without having to take a whole week off from work. Here's the key: if you want to attend, make sure you use Savvy
Technical Solution's discount code RS-SAVVY to get 20% off of the normal $699 fee. Yes, that's right... just typing in that discount will save you nearly $140 smackeroos. Download the flier here for more information​
...(Read whole news on source site)

HealthVault Library for Windows 8 Released

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The HealthVault Library for Windows 8 is released and is now available for download from Codeplex. Note that the HealthVault Library for Windows 8 is currently in the alpha stage and definitely an SDK to try for your Windows 8 app What is HealthVault Library for Windows 8? The HealthVault Library for Windows 8 is a library that provides a framework for building Windows 8 (Windows Store) app which connects to the Microsoft HealthVault. The HealthVault Library for Windows 8 contains a Windows runtime component that provides the abstraction for working with the HealthVault, Windows Store class library that can
be used within the Windows 8 (Windows Store) App and a sample program which is a sample Windows 8 App written in JavaScript which demonstrates how to build a Windows 8 App that connects to Microsoft HealthVault. Download and try the HealthVault Library for Windows 8 from the codeplex website If you want to know more about HealthVault , check the HealthVault platform technical overview from MSDN which describes the core concepts like HealthVault terminology , Healthcare professionals and HealthVault , The HealthVault web service , Establishing a connection with the user via Website , Mobile and Patient Connect ,...(Read whole news on source site)