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In a previous post, I outlined what I plan to do regarding Silverlight 5. As I started working on the material, it became clear to me that I wanted to use the new dbContext class that is now available in Entity Framework 4.1 (and later releases.) However, to use this with the current version of WCF Data Services is not as clean as I like. So I am going to delay the series until things get synched up. We are at one of those points within the Microsoft “developer stack” where things are in flux and will likely stay
that way until VS 2012 (or whatever it will be called) is released. For someone trying to generate tutorial material, creating content that has a shelf life of several months is not desirable. I will be attending the MVP Summit in late February. While I will not be able to share any NDA information, I will get to meet with many teams at Microsoft and get a better idea on when I can feel comfortable getting content out that will have some longer-term value. bill
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At Worldwide Partner Conference last summer, we kicked off the MPN Live sessions from the floor of WPC. For those of you not yet familiar with MPN Live: MPN Live is a roundtable talk show program where Microsoft partners connect on issues of interest. For the current series, they are being streamed live on our community home page and syndicated on Microsoft Partner Network global Facebook page these live video programs hosted by our Microsoft Partner Network team  and provide an opportunity for community engagement
through social media leveraging real-time video For tomorrow’s session, it will be hosted by Kat Tillman and Karl Noakes of Microsoft, and they will be joined by a fantastic panel of partner participants: In Redmond with us: Birger Steen – Parallels – US Justin Pirie – Mimecast – UK Joining us on Skype: Kelvin Kirby- IAMCP Global President – UK Christian Buckley – Axceler – US Anders Trolle-Schultz – SaaS-IT – DK ...(Read whole news on source site)

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Cage match alert!  Anytime you put a “vs” in your title, you’re setting up an epic battle for folks to argue one way or the other which is better.  That’s not my intention here.  But, hey, you clicked, so I win.   The Windows Azure Service Bus is a mysterious beast that is rarely tackled in 100-level overviews of the platform.  When it is, some people just view it as “one of those advanced fancy-schmancy enterprise features I’ll never need”.  But the Service Bus is actually a pretty cool feature of Windows Azure.  It let’s you handle a
lot of common scenarios (as per the Service Bus website): Hybrid applications The Service Bus enables you to securely connect and integrate enterprise systems running in your private cloud with applications running on Windows Azure.  This makes it easier to extend solutions to the cloud without having to port or migrate all of your data or code from an existing enterprise datacenter to Windows Azure. Mobile applications The Service Bus enables you to easily build applications that can distribute event notifications and data to occasionally-connected...(Read whole news on source site)

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  INTRO In my recent consulting assignment I was asked the question by one of the developer , that how can we get dynamic theming working in Prism application.My answer was that you can implement in the same manner as you do in the standard Silverlight application. But then he further asked that there are [...]

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In this episode, Rowan Miller and Diego Vega return for Part 2 of our deep dive into the Entity Framework. In Part 1, they showed the following workflows available in Entity Framework 4.2: Code First, Model First, Database First, and Code First with an existing database. In this episode, they show a new feature coming very soon in version 4.3: Code First Migrations. And then they talk about what's coming in Entity Framework 5.0. This episode is 48 minutes long, shorter than Part 1 but has a cool demo and good info on what is coming in EF 5.
Code First Migrations starts around 3:40 Entity Framework futures starts around 25:20  
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