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Refactor your Code easily using the Visual Studio 2012

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In our last blog post we discussed about browser switching mechanism in Visual Studio 2012 for web developers to test their web applications against different web browsers which actually increases the productivity time of such applications.   Today in this post, we will learn about the Refactor feature of Visual Studio 2012 which will again improve your productivity without using any additional tools or extensions. So, continue reading this post to learn about this feature of new Visual Studio IDE.   Note: I composed this post based on Visual Studio 2012 RC (version: 11.0.50522.1
RCREL) and can’t guarantee this in the final version of the product though the chance of feature change is very negligible.     Microsoft introduces a new “Refactor” menu in Visual Studio 2012 IDE, which will help the developer to refactor their codes easily without using any 3rd party control or extensions. As this is an in-built feature now, hence you will get it......(Read whole news on source site)

CouchDB Bucket Demo

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This month I was given the opportunity to speak about CouchDB at Codestock in Knoxville, TN. This is a talk I’ve been able to give a few times, but this is the first time I’ve attempted to record it. I’ve pulled out a 10 minute clip where we walk through storing a fast food order [...]

Nightly news, 29 Jun 2012

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WPF Elements Resolved a bug that was preventing UpdateSourceTrigger=LostFocus from working fully in a .NET 4.0 project Misc fixes for DataGrid control Web Workbench Fix for settings dialog crashing under web site projects Improvements to how we handle SASS/LESS import files Misc parsing improvements for SASS/LESS As usual the free editions of the nightly builds [...]

Android Jelly Bean vs. iOS 6 vs. Windows Phone 8: The Ultimate Mobile Comparison

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source: Gizmodo has posted a comparison of the newest major operating systems, iOS 6, Android 4.1 and Windows Phone 8, and found that in many cases Windows Phone 8 came out ahead. Looking at areas such as Apps, GPS Navigation, Messaging and 8 other areas, they found each OS has its strengths and weaknesses. Interestingly however Windows Phone 8 did pretty well in the comparison, with better Facebook integration, better messaging, but video calling (courtesy of Skype), better mobile payments due to supporting carrier standards, better streaming for being standards based and better app icons
due to the improved start screen. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

C# 5–Making INotifyPropertyChanged Easier

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There are times when I think my friends in the C# team are just listening to me gripe before adding a cool new feature that solves the problem.  (I have never quite outgrown the assumption that the world revolves around … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

Windows 8 Developer Camps and Hackathons – July through September

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I’m happy to pass along word that a new series of Windows 8 developer events are coming soon!  These are special two-day events, with a DevCamp on day one featuring a full day of sessions plus an InstallFest, followed on day two by a Hackathon with Lightning Talks where you can bring app ideas to life with Microsoft and community experts on hand to help.  Windows 8 changes everything.
Combining the broad reach of Windows, best-in-class developer tools, a re‑imagined user experience, support
for new chipsets, and a built-in store with industry-leading business terms, Windows 8 is the largest developer opportunity – ever. Join us for free events with new sessions and hands-on opportunities designed to help you start building Metro-style applications for Windows 8 – today. We'll show you how to use Visual Studio to code fast, fluid, immersive, and beautiful Metro-style applications in HTML5/JavaScript, XAML/C# and C/C++. Your existing investments in these languages carry forward, making Windows a no-compromise platform for developers. Attend just one day or join us for two full days of learning. It's your choice. ...(Read whole news on source site)