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Code and Comments What is important

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Being a programmer doesn’t make you great if you can write a long long lines of code. Its your baby you’ve got to put some thing in it so that other can understand it as clearly by looking at it. Nobody have time to debug the code every time as it takes time to setup the environment and debug your code. It would still remain a puzzle why you’re doing crazy things in it. Do you remember when you

My Favorite Features: Creating Storyboards with PowerPoint

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In my last post on Continuous Value Delivery, I talked the importance of communication between the customer and the engineering team to arrive at a clear project definition. How many times have you built exactly what was asked for, but not what was wanted? Agile teams need the right communication tools to eliminate waste at this stage in the software lifecycle. In this post, I’d like to talk about PowerPoint Storyboarding, a new feature we built to help express and illustrate the intent of each item on the backlog. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand
words”. While working on my apps, I need a quick way to mockup UI and test different workflows before I start coding. I have PowerPoint on my machine, which I use all the time for presentations, so it’s quick and easy for me to mock things up there. In my case, these designs were primarily for my own review and brainstorming; however, this becomes even more valuable in a team environment where you can attach and link storyboards directly to items on the backlog. Building the Storyboard If you’ve downloaded the Visual Studio 11 Beta, you already have PowerPoint Storyboarding installed. Just fire...(Read whole news on source site)

Daily WP7 Development News 24 May 2012

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VS2010 Large Solution Bottle Neck

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  Recently I looked into speeding up Visual Studio builds – I found the results interesting… I decided to do a few POC’s to see where the bottleneck is with large solutions in Visual Studio. After some searching of the net I found various tweaks that one can do to ones machine to get better performance and a few mentions that VS2010 does not handle multiple project files very well – the number mentioned several times was 10 – if you have more than 10 projects in a solution you see a noticeable decrease in build time.
Solution with 100 projects each with a single class To validate this I set up a solution with 100 class projects with a single class in each project  and did a clean build. The average build time per project was 00:00.2 units, leaving me with a total build time of 00:16.0 units. Solution with one project and 100 classes in a single namespace The next step was to establish where the load was on the build, would I get similar results with a solution with one project with 100 classes. Again set that up – total build...(Read whole news on source site)

Meet Windows Azure

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The Windows Azure team is putting together an event on June 7 where they’ll be providing some great info about Azure. The event is live in San Francisco, but for most of us it is streaming live over the Internet.
Over the past year or so Microsoft has rolled out new features and pricing models for Azure that make the platform more and more compelling. I think they are nearing the point where the question will change from “why should I use Azure?” to “why shouldn’t I use Azure?”. ...(Read whole news on source site)