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Webinar – How to Get QA Off Your Back with Agile Development Practices‏

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Typemock is hosting a vendor-neutral webinar next week on how to get QA off your back with Agile development practices. The webinar will be on Wednesday, March 14 at 8:00 AM Pacific US Time and 8:30 PM in India Sign up here: QA getting on your team’s back because of bugs or delayed releases? [...]

Taking a look at S#arp Lite–final thoughts

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This is a review of the S#arp Lite project, the version from Nov 4, 2011. This project is significantly better than the S#arp Arch project that I reviewed a while ago, but that doesn’t mean that it is good. There is a lot to like, but frankly, the insistence to again abstract the data access behind complex base classes and repositories makes things much harder in the longer run. If you are writing an application and you find yourself writing abstractions on top of CUD operations, stop, you are doing it wrong. I quite like S#arp
approach for querying, though. You expose things directly, and if it is ugly, you just wrap it in a dedicated query object. That is how you should be handling things. Finally, whenever possible, push things to the infrastructure, it is usually pretty good and that is the right level of handling things like persistence, validation, etc. And no, you don’t have to write that, it is already there. A lot of the code in the sample project was simply to manage persistence and validation (in fact, there was an entire project for that) that could be safely deleted...(Read whole news on source site)

DotNed Podcast: Gert Drapers over SQL Server developer tooling

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In deze podcast spreekt Hassan Fadili Gert Drapers over zijn carrière bij Microsoft en zijn sessies data georiënteerde sessies tijdens de laatste TechDays. Gert vertelt onder meer hoe hij bij Microsoft begonnen is en hoe hij de eerste SQL server tools voor developers, ook wel Data-Dude genoemd ontwikkelt heeft. Links: Blog: SQL Server Data Tools: Get Started with Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools: TechDays sessies:   Enjoy!   TheProblemSolver

#510 – The Header of an Expander Can Be Anything

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The Header property of an Expander control doesn’t have to be a string.  You can set it to any object and that object will be displayed at the top of the Expander, whether the Expander is collapsed or expanded. In the example below, we use an Image for the header of the Expander and then a GroupBox for its content. The [...]

Metro apps – a lot of FREE Icons are available out of the box

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source: In Metro apps, the Metro design is everywhere and that's pretty cool ! When you start an application, you want and need it to be compliant with this theme and one main part of it are icons. What you may not know is that there is already a lot of icons available for you out of the box in any Metro app. I don't get the picture. When I first looked for the icons, I first searched for pictures. I found none of them.
So I
digged a little more on the sample and I found out that icons where here as a Font.(Each icon is represented by it's hexadecimal value). ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)