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Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 Day 3 Vision Keynotes – Jon Roskill, Kevin Turner, and Deepak Chopra. How to watch and participate online and at WPC

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HOW TO: VIEW THE LIVE STREAM HERE. (Starts at 9:00 am EST) Welcome to Day 3 of Worldwide Partner Conference 2012. After a day filled with “Butterly smooth” information yesterday, Day 3 brings with it some Vision Keynotes that are sure to rock the house. The Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 big stage will house our very own Microsoft Channel Chief, a session on Competing that is a WPC crowd favorite every year, and our very special guest speaker. Just like yesterday, the first of our Vision Keynotes starting at 9:00 am EST at the Air Canada Centre, and
the Day 3 Vision Keynotes are: Jon Roskill, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft Corporation

Topic: The Vision of MPN ...(Read whole news on source site)

Question of the month July 2012 - How does COALESCE(null,null+1,null) work?

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As you know COALESCE function returns the first non NULL value from the list. When you execute the followingselect coalesce(null,null,null) you will get the following error Msg 4127, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 At least one of the arguments to COALESCE must be an expression that is not the NULL constant. But when you execute the following select coalesce(null,null+1,null) It returns NULL Question : How does the second query work although NULL+1 is NULL?

How to reference F# in a research paper?

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If you're writing an academic paper or journal, what should you reference for F#?  Well, of course it's up to you! :-) But the topic came up here at MSR Cambridge this evening (after all, it is that time of year - POPL deadline!) Here are some options. I've included a BibTex reference for Expert F# further below since it's not so easy to find an auto-generated one on the usual sites. For F# as a language, I recommend referencing either Expert F# (for the earliest, end-to-end description of the language) or Expert F# 2.0 (for a more up-to-date reference),
or Expert F# 3.0 when it comes out.  You could also reference the (informal) F# 2.0 Language Specification or another book on F#, e.g. the one you've learned the most from You could also reference the MSDN documentation for F# 3.0
 . For F# quotations The earliest reference is Leveraging .NET meta-programming components from F#: integrated queries and interoperable heterogeneous execution. The feature changed substantially after this - if you want a more up-to-date reference of the actual language feature then probably use Expert F# 2.0, Chapter 9 or the MSDN documentation
. For F# active patterns, The earliest reference is this blog...(Read whole news on source site)

One Team Project Collection to rule them all–Consolidating Team Projects

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Following on from last weeks successful Upgrading TFS 2010 to TFS 2012 with VSS Migration and Process Template consolidation I finished off the last of the 20-30 Team Project Process Template migration/upgrades to a customised form on the Visual Studio Scrum 2.0. We only added a couple of fields, but we also defined a [...]-Do you want to move to Visual Studio 11 Team Foundation Service NOW? Microsoft is providing a Go-Live licence (that means that it is supported in production) and you can use it today! For help moving forward contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

New Windows 8 “Camp in a Box” and Virtual Labs

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Two new resources have just been published to help you learn about Windows 8. Windows 8 “Camp in a Box”, Release Preview Edition Recently updated for Windows 8 Release Preview, the Windows 8 “Camp in a Box” includes a variety of content from the Windows 8 Developer Camp event series that’s now underway:
Session Slides – 20 presentations covering development and design topics
Hands-on Labs – Available in C# and JavaScript, covering topics such as
touch, views, contracts (search/share), media, state, settings, tiles & notifications, and more.
Samples – Including HTML, XAML, and C++ versions of the “Contoso Cookbook” Metro style app as well as an HTML “Platformer” game.
Resources – Links to some useful sites
After installing, you’ll find a “Default.htm” link on your desktop. Open it to get launch a content directory: Of course you can also open the directory where you installed...(Read whole news on source site)

Telerik UK user group tour Summer 2012

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Last week, I was busy with another user group tour in the UK for Telerik. This year, I was able to give a total of 7 sessions in 4 cities (Hereford, Cheltenham, Bristol and Southampton). A lot of people stopped by to join me on an exploration of some Windows 8 and Windows Phone talks. During the talks, we looked at the upcoming Telerik controls for Windows 8 which will make LOB development much easier in the Windows 8 space! Here are some of the pictures of some of the evenings:   All
the slides and demos can be downloaded below. Hereford: Advanced WinRT: SlidesDemos Windows Phone 7.5 Background workers: SlidesDemos Cheltenham: Contract: SlidesDemos Tiles: SlidesDemos Bristol Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5: SlidesDemos Southampton: Metro and WinRT for the Silverlight/WPF developer: SlidesDemos Thanks for stopping by to all that attended! - The blog of Gill Cleeren...(Read whole news on source site)

Building a Single-Select List in jQuery

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We needed a single-select list box for a web application we’re building. We also needed each item in the list to have rich formatting, so we didn’t want to use the built-in list box. I knew that jQuery UI had a Selectable widget that looked very promising. However we didn’t want multi-selection or the other advanced features it provides. I was somewhat surprised when I did a search on Bing that I didn’t find any guidance on how to create a single-select list box with jQuery. However I did find enough hints. It turned out to be really simple. If
I were a more experience web developer, I probably would have known all of this. This blog post is for people like me who aren’t web experts yet. The solution involves adding a custom data- attribute to each item in the list, creating CSS entries for hover and selected, and writing a single jQuery method that handles updating the section. In the example below, I’m using data-query on HTML elements, like this:
@foreach (Query query in Model)

CSS Class Next I added some CSS to display...(Read whole news on source site)