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To constructor or to property dependency?

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Us, devel­op­ers, are a bit like that comic strip (from always great xkcd): We can end­lessly debate over tabs ver­sus spaces (don't even get me started), whether to use optional semi­colon or not, and other seem­ingly irrel­e­vant top­ics. We can have heated, informed debates with a lot of merit, or (much more often) not very con­struc­tive exchanges of opinions. I men­tion that to explic­itly point out, while this post might be per­ceived as one of such dis­cus­sions, the goal of it is not to be a flame­war bait, but to share some experience. So hav­ing said that, let's cut to the chase. Depen­den­cies,
mechan­ics and semantics Writ­ing soft­ware in an object ori­ented lan­guage, like C#, fol­low­ing estab­lished prac­tices (SOLID etc) we tend to end up with many types, con­cen­trated on doing one thing, and del­e­gat­ing the rest to others. Let's take an arti­fi­cial exam­ple of a class that is sup­posed to han­dle sce­nario where a user moved and we need to update their address. public class UserService: IUserService { // some other members public void UserMoved(UserMovedCommand command) { var user = session.Get(command.UserId); logger.Info("Updating address for user {0} from {1} to {2}",...(Read whole news on source site)

New Sample Code for Entity Framework and ADO.Net for Federations in Windows Azure SQL Database

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Thanks to Scott Klein and Michael Thomassy, we now have new code samples out for EF and ADO.Net demonstrating how to work with federations. The samples showcase simple to advanced notions in both and EF in federations. You can see how to do fanout querying in entity framework to querying federation metadata in the samples. What’s best if you now can get the new sample entity framework provider built for federations with connection resiliency and with routing support in these samples; Here are the individual links for the 4 samples; Entity Framework WinForm
Sample App for Federation in Windows Azure SQL Database Cloud computing on the Windows Azure platform offers the opportunity to easily add more data and compute capacity on the fly as business needs vary over time. Federations in SQL Database is a way to achieve greater scalability and performance from the database tier of your app. ADO.NET WinForm Sample Application for Federations in Windows Azure SQL Database Cloud computing on the Windows Azure platform offers the opportunity to easily add more...(Read whole news on source site)

Applications for #WP8 SDK Preview to be open for #WPDev on 12th September 2012

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Today Microsoft announced that they are near to the final release of WP8 SDK tools for developers after doing several testing by selected partners and developers. Though the final WP8 SDK will be available publicly later this year but they are going to open applications for limited developers.   If you are interested to getting your hands dirty with the new bits, read out the complete post for details.   Todd Brix, Microsoft employee of Windows Phone division announced in a blog post that, they are near to the
final release of Windows Phone 8 SDK tools which will be available publicly later this year. But before that, they are going to make this kit available to more developers through a Preview Program on 12th September 2012.   Don’t be happy on the availability news on 12th September. First read what he said in his post:   Today I’m happy to announce that the time has come to make the near-final kit available to more developers through the Windows Phone 8 SDK Preview Program. Next Wednesday I’ll share detailed instructions on how...(Read whole news on source site)

Action delegate in C#

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In last few posts about I have written lots of things about delegates and this post is also part of that series. In this post we are going to learn about Action delegates in C#.  Following is a list of post related to delegates. Delegates in C#. Multicast Delegates in C#. Func Delegates in C#. Action Delegates
in c#: As per MSDN action delegates used to pass a method as parameter without explicitly declaring custom delegates. Action Delegates are used to encapsulate method that does not have return value. C# 4.0 Action delegates have following different variants like following. It can take up to 16 parameters. Action – It will be no parameter and does not return any value. Action(T) Action(T1,T2) Action(T1,T2,T3) Action(T1,T2,T3,T4) Action(T1,T2,T3,T4,T5) ...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft DevRadio: Reasons Why You Should Develop a Windows 8 App

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I'm pleased to announce the availability of my next episode of Microsoft DevRadio, in which I talk to my fellow Technical Evangelist Jennifer Marsman about the top reasons for developing applications for Windows 8. From market potential and size, optimized discovery, flexible and money making opportunities, as well as free tools and guidance--- there’s no better time than right now to develop your Windows 8 app. Next Steps:
Step #1 – Download the Tools for Windows 8 App Development
Step #2 – Download Visual Studio
Express for Windows 8
Step #3 – Start building your own Apps for Windows 8 Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes, Zune, or RSS If you're interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information: Websites: Getting started with Windows 8 Apps How to Sell Your Apps and Make Money in the Windows Store Attend a Windows 8 Developer Camp and Hackathon in your area! Blogs & Articles: Andrew Duthie’s Blog

The Amazing Race

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard someone mention a “Race Condition”.  In my younger years when I was more worried about what people thought of me I was to embarrassed to admit that I didn’t really know what they were talking about.  I knew it had something to do with multi-threaded programs and the unpredictability of order and locking and blah, blah, blah…  To be honest it seemed like so much noise to me at the time.  After all, most of the programs I wrote never had to contend with this. But Then…
Then when multi-core hyper-threaded systems became common place and I started working on Windows Workflow Foundation and dealing with multiple threads and race conditions became unavoidable.  My current computer is an Intel I7 6 Core hyper-threaded system which means that in Windows Task manager it shows 12 CPUs.  When I started using NCrunch to run my unit tests in parallel I found many threading bugs and race conditions in my code. Why is this so difficult? “With great power, comes great responsibility” – Spiderman It just is… What can you say? Let’s...(Read whole news on source site)

Help file formats - MSHA files v CHM files

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Recently I was tasked with producing a help file from a C#/WPF/Crystal Reports application using Sandcastle. I have previously blogged about the problems in doing that and the change that is going into the next version of Sandcastle that allows the vagaries of Crystal (this missing BusinessObjects.Licensing.KeycodeDecoder) to be handled.

At, I describe how I tried each of the formats. Two of the formats could not be built and the error messages were not exactly helpful as to the cause. These two formats turned out to be obsolete. The MSHA format worked but was not
suitable for a standalone application, so that left me with the older CHM format. I therefore asked on that thread "will the HTML Help 1 (CHM) format continue to be supported for the foreseeable future?".

Rob Chandler, MVP in help systems, gave a very helpful answer, to the effect that there is not yet a replacement for the CHM format.
...(Read whole news on source site)