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Announcing SonicAgile – An Agile Project Management Solution

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I’m happy to announce the public release of SonicAgile – an online tool for managing software projects. You can register for SonicAgile at and start using it with your team today. SonicAgile is an agile project management solution which is designed to help teams of developers coordinate their work on software projects. SonicAgile supports [...]

Hello Nokia Lumia 900 - and thanks, Endomondo

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After years of using a Samsung Focus (older generation) for Windows Phone 7, I recently received my brand new neon blue Nokia Lumia 900. A trip to the AT&T store had my SIM quickly moved from the regular SIM card for the Samsung to the micro SIM that the Nokia uses. I was up and running in minutes. After that, the fun began. First, the Windows Phone 7.5 OS itself is phenomenal. It literally took me seconds to set up my various emails. The best part was the seamless integration with Office 365. I entered my email and
password, it figured out that I was using Office 365 and connected my Exchange, linked me to the SharePoint site, and sent me to download the Lync application so I can communicate with my coworkers on the phone. All of that was literally without a hitch. I plugged into the laptop and a few minutes later had all of my music and video collection downloaded. I've been so used to 3G that I about choked the first time I started using the web and downloading apps over the LTE and 4G connections. They really are fast. Even better though is the...(Read whole news on source site)

Axis Aligned Rectangles

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So, what are you looking at in that clip? Exactly what the title of this post is eluding to, a Rectangle structure that can be used to detect collision like the one we have in XNA. I have kept it Axis Aligned just like the intrinsic XNA one. If you don’t know what I mean by Axis Aligned, then have a Google or a Bing for it, it basically means that the collision detection is done based on the

BUILD, DevCamps, and Generation App

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BUILD Sold Out If you were putting off registering for BUILD 2012, well, that might have been a tactical error. The conference sold out in just about an hour, though you can still get on the waitlist as I write this. DevCamps FTW! If you missed out, don't fret. There are still a good many Windows 8 Developer Camps and Hackathons left that you can register for, including local events here in Chevy Chase, MD, Reston, VA, and Malvern, PA: Location DevCamp Hackathon
Chevy Chase, MD 10-Aug 11-Aug Reston, VA 17-Aug 18-Aug Malvern, PA 14-Sep 15-Sep These events are totally free, and at the DevCamp events, we'll be raffling off great prizes including a Windows Slate and an XBOX, and for the hackathons, we'll have an app contest at the end of the day with a top prize of $500 plus a Windows Slate. Register now, and learn how to...(Read whole news on source site)

How to Create Bootable DVD or USB setup for Windows 8 Release Preview?

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The Windows 8 Release Preview that was released few weeks back offers different ways for the users to install the product. One of the simplest way to install Windows 8 Release Preview is to create bootable DVD or USB device. In this blog post, I will show you how to create Bootable DVD or USB setup for Windows 8 Release Preview. How to Create Bootable DVD or USB setup for Windows 8 Release Preview? 1. Download the Read More....