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Instant language update in a Windows Phone 7 application using MVVM

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With more and more Marketplaces being added to the Windows Phone ecosystem, globalization of your app becomes all the more more important. I am happy to see a lot of apps these days support multiple languages. I usually employ a solution described in my article MVVMLight based language selection for Windows Phone 7 – this automatically picks up the language from the phone and defaults to English/US if that’s not supported by the app. But I also like to give the user the chance to override the automatically selected language. I, for instance,
run the phone OS in English/US, but I’d like specific Dutch apps to run in Dutch, thank you. But if you follow the globalization example as described by MSDN using my code, that unfortunately requires the app to be restarted after applying the language change. Well, no more! The sample as provided by MSDN provides a localized string helper that looks more or less like this:namespace InstantLanguage.Resources { public class LocalizedStrings { public LocalizedStrings() { } private static AppResources localizedResources = new AppResources(); ...(Read whole news on source site)

Speaking at the International SharePoint Conference London 2012

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In less than a month the greatest SharePoint conference on this side of the pond will take place in London - the International SharePoint Conference (ISC). The ISC is the new name for the conference held in London and previously called Best Practices Conference and Evolutions Conference. This will actually be my first year at the conference, but I always wanted to go there - and now I'm one of the speakers in the fantastic line up! This conference will not be just an ordinary conference - instead of having the traditional one hour demo sessions we
will over the course of three days go from a functional specification to a deployable solution. The sessions will vary in length from less than one hour to a couple of hours long. There will be two parallel tracks like this - one focused on development topics and one focused on IT-Pro stuff. I will together with some fantastic SharePoint MVP colleagues and friends participate in a couple of sessions ranging from Visual Studio extensibility, to BCS and Managed Metadata thingies. It will be a blast presenting and I do think that the audience will enjoy this show. So,...(Read whole news on source site)

CSharp.Target errors when using a Developer Preview version of a Metro Library

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When I finally got around to upgrading my Build tablet to run the Consumer Preview of both Windows 8 and VS 11 I immediately ran into an issue when trying to attach a ‘legacy’ VS11 project from the Developer Preview version to a new project using the Consumer preview. The error I received can be seen below. Turns out the problem is easy to solve.  Open up the offending csproj file and look for the line which looks like: Replace the line with Once you
replace the line you should be able to add the existing project as expected. Till next time,
...(Read whole news on source site)