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WP7 Layout Jitters and the SystemTray

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source: Ever since I started on writing WP7 apps, Microsoft has been drilling into developers how important it is to have the UX be fantastic.  Yet, if you create a phone application from the wizard, add another page to the app from the wizard, and hook up an appbar button to navigate to the second page, you end up with a visual mess during navigation. You'll find, as I did, that in some cases, your page will appear, and then magically jump down the page by 32 pixels:  The size of the SystemTray. I
posted a question here back at the end of March,: with a follow  up on how to provoke the problem. If you increase the length of time in the About_LayoutUpdated function's Sleep call, you should be able to see what I mean ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

Writing a WP7 website scraper application

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source: In this tutorial I will explain how you write a WP7 application using the HtmlAgility Pack in order to use information scraped from a website.
Website scraping is the act of retrieving information from a website page. An act by some considered stealing, by others borrowing. Let's leave that debate to the others. In this post I will show how easy it is to scrape content from a website so that you can (re)use it in your Windows Phone 7 application. As it is, this information will for the most part also
work in other, non WP7, projects of course.
Sometimes website scraping is the only means available to consume certain information from a website. If the website doesn't have some publicly available API or web service you can use you're pretty much left with scraping, whether you like it or not. ...Read more ...(Read whole news on source site)

... are we really arguing about semicolons now?

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I know I’m late to the party, but this issue reported in Bootstrap has created quite a stir across the Interwebs and Twitterverse.  Chants of “Down with Semicolons!” by the “JsHipsters” and of “LEARN 2 CODE NEWB” by the “JsVets,” though entertaining, aren’t really doing anyone in the community any good. Let’s look at what happened here.  Someone reported that JSMin produced incorrect output when run on Twitter Bootstrap.  Jacob Thorton quickly chimed in: Hmm.  So, instead of even considering that maybe there’s a problem or looking at what could
be done in Bootstrap to fix the issue, Jacob just closes the issue.  To be fair, it does look like the issue was fixed in Bootstrap when Jacob replied, but that wasn’t mentioned in his original comment.  Well, Douglas Crockford chimed back: How productive.  It gets better though, as Jacob is quick to retort: And from there, it derails into nearly 200 comments of this sort: Yep.  Productive.  Let’s look at what could have happened here though: Jacob: Ah, thanks for...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 8 and the future of XAML: Part 5: More contracts in WinRT/Windows 8

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In the previous article, we’ve introduced contracts in Windows 8. To quickly recapitulate, a contract allows Metro style applications in Windows 8 to communicate which each other or with Windows, without there being a hard reference between the participants of the communication. We’ve seen how the search contract allows applications to open themselves up to Windows so they can be search. There’s of course a contract that specifies how this searching is to be done: an application has to follow the rules specified in the contract so that Windows can communicate with the app in the way it needs to
do. In this article, we’ll dive some more in contracts, more specifically, the share contract.  The code for this article can be downloaded here. We love sharing Sharing information has become something very trivial. Millions of sites out there have sharing options. “Share this on Twitter”, “Post on Facebook”, “Share via...(Read whole news on source site)

Node.js: Templating with Plates

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Plates is the templating library in flatiron. Plates binds data to markup. It's Javascript, Markup and JSON. It works in the browser and in node.js. All templates are actually valid HTML, with no special characters for value insertion. The relationship between tags and values is defined through object literals that are passed to Plates.bind: Read more..

Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 4/14/2012+

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A compendium of Windows Azure, Service Bus, EAI & EDI Access Control, Connect, SQL Azure Database, and other cloud-computing articles. Note: This post is updated daily or more frequently, depending on the availability of new articles in the following sections:

How to Save Email Address in WP7 using the SaveEmailAddressTask?

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Do you want to build an application which will allow you to save an email address? Then this post will allow you to understand the API of Windows Phone 7 SDK. In this post we will learn about SaveEmailAddressTask class and it’s API with a simple demo.   Continue reading to learn about it. Also, I will share the code snippet of the internal implementation of the SaveEmailAddressTask, which will help you to understand the actual implementation of the API of WP7 SDK.   Know About the API Like other tasks “SaveEmailAddressTask” is
also a sealed class present in the Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace and inherits ChooserBase of type TaskEventArgs. The class exposes Email property of type string where you can set the email address which you want to save.   Here is the meta data of the SaveEmailAddressTask class:     namespace Microsoft.Phone.Tasks { public sealed class SaveEmailAddressTask :......(Read whole news on source site)

April on Israel Dot Net Developers User Group

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This week we are helding our annual monthly session. It’s a bit odd, but Erez Pedro and myself are going to be the speakers . The session name is “Developers Are from Mars, Designers Are from Venus” it has 2 parts, one by Erez an amazing designer and UX expert targeted to designers and myself targeting developers. Our goal is the same, narrow the gap between the two group especially when doing XAML work. If you are a developer, I’m going to talk about the MVVM pattern, and it this session focus, why is it good for
designers. I’m going to show common challenges such as ViewModel Data, Visual State Manager, etc. After that we are going to talk about the tool, Blend, and talk about what to expect as a developer with blend output. in our final part we are going to discuss tips and performance issues worth to remember. Does that sound good to you? Interesting? boring? it’s not too late change my agenda, so let me know . Here is the full description: Developers Are from Mars, Designers Are from Venus Today every application big or small needs...(Read whole news on source site)