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Ayende @ Rahien

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401 Decisions, decisions… Administrator
402 Versioned Collections Administrator
403 End of year 32% discount coupon has 2 sales left! Administrator
404 Machine bias in profiler based optimizations Administrator
405 Reducing the cost of writing to disk Administrator
406 Performance counters sucks Administrator
407 The cost of random writes Administrator
408 Reminder: End of year 32% discount coupon is still valid Administrator
409 Transaction merging, locks, background threads and performance Administrator
410 Voron Performance, the end is nigh (sequentially) Administrator
411 I’m twenty tomorrow, let us celebrate Administrator
412 Voron Performance, the single biggest booster Administrator
413 Voron Performance, let go off that tree, dude! Administrator
414 What about F# collections? Administrator
415 Voron perf testing, part II Administrator
416 A* Interview posted Administrator
417 More on collection performance, immutability and designing for a specific scenario Administrator
418 The cost of select count(*) from tbl Administrator
419 HotSpot Shell Game Administrator
420 SafeList, SafeDictionary–fast immutable structures Administrator
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