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Ayende @ Rahien

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21 Speaking: Build Stuff 2015 (Lithuania & Ukraine), Oct 18 - 24 Administrator
22 Production postmortem: The case of the Unicode Poo Administrator
23 Speaking: Architecture Tower Of Babel in FooCafe, Oct 5th Administrator
24 Unsafe operations terminology and operational hazards, the end result Administrator
25 Unsafe operations terminology and operational hazards Administrator
26 Speaking: GET.NET in Gdansk, Poland, 24th October Administrator
27 Technical observations from my wife: Disk speeds Administrator
28 Critique this code: The memory mapped file Administrator
29 Find the bug: The concurrent memory buster Administrator
30 The useless text book algorithms Administrator
31 Buffer allocation strategies: Bad usage patterns Administrator
32 Buffer allocation strategies: Explaining the solution Administrator
33 Buffer allocation strategies: A possible solution Administrator
34 The insidious cost of allocations Administrator
35 Production postmortem: The industry at large Administrator
36 RavenDB 3.0 New Stable Release Administrator
37 Production postmortem: The case of the lying configuration file Administrator
38 Production postmortem: The case of the memory eater and high load Administrator
39 Concurrent max value Administrator
40 Technical observations from my wife Administrator
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