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Ayende @ Rahien

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21 Minimal incremental backups improvements in Voron Administrator
22 Gossip much? Use cases and bad practices for gossip protocols Administrator
23 Gossip much? Operating with partial information, and getting the right result. Administrator
24 Inside RavenDB Book–Chapter 8 is done Administrator
25 Gossip much? The gossip epidemic and other issues in polite society Administrator
26 Gossip much? Disseminating information among high number (10K) of nodes Administrator
27 End of year discount for all our products Administrator
28 Tail/Feather–Snapshots Administrator
29 Tail/Feather–The client API Administrator
30 Tail/Feather–highly available distributed key/value store weekend project Administrator
31 Introducing Rachis: Raven’s Raft implementation Administrator
32 NHibernate & Entity Framework Profiler 3.0 Administrator
33 The process of performance problem fixes with RavenDB Administrator
34 Transactions are a figment of your imagination Administrator
35 Lies, Service Level Agreements, Trust and failure mores Administrator
36 The bug that ruined my weekend Administrator
37 Solve this bug! Administrator
38 Beyond RavenDB 3.0: The future road map for RavenDB Administrator
39 RavenDB Wow! Features presentation Administrator
40 RavenDB 3.0 RTM! Administrator
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