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Sesame Workshop and IBM Watson Team Up to Advance Early Childhood Education

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Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization that produces Sesame Street, and IBM (NYSE:IBM) today announced a collaboration to use IBM Watson’s cognitive computing technology and Sesame’s early childhood expertise to help advance preschool education around the world.As part of a three-year agreement, Sesame Workshop and IBM will collaborate to develop educational platforms and products that...

Chennai- Say Goodbye to month-end cash crunch!

AddThis Social Bookmark Button, a Pune based Fintech startup, began its Chennai operations today. introduced India’s first Mobile App for Instant Cash. The mobile app offers bridge loans to help young salaried professionals to tip over the month end. Within the first two months of its operations, has tapped Pune and Bangalore and has received an...
launches new app for Windows
...(Read whole news on source site)

Digital Transformation Defined

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This post is a walkthrough multiple definitions of digital transformation from multiple sources. Digital transformation can be elusive if you can’t define it. Lucky for us, there is no shortage of definitions for digital transformation. I find that rather than use one single definition for digital transformation, it’s actually more helpful to look at a range of definitions...

Elasticsearch @ MVP Western Europe Community Open Day 2016

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Today I presented on Elasticsearch at the MVP Western Europe Community Open Day 2016, in Rome. Apart from some problems with the magnifier tool, and taking much longer than I should , I think it went relatively well!If you are interested, you can find the PowerPoint deck and the sample steps in my One Drive here.Thanks for voting for my presentation and for showing up!

The Secret To Being A Better Developer

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As a software developer, technical skills are a must – they are absolutely necessary, but they are also not sufficient. The reality of what we do is far more than just logic and processing and making computers do things. If technical skills are required, but not enough, then what else is there? What’s the secret […]

RavenDB 3.5 whirl wind tour: A large cluster goes into a bar and order N^2 drinks

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Imagine that you have a two nodes cluster, setup as master-master replication, and then you write a document to one of them. The node you wrote the document to now contacts the 2nd node to let it knows about the new document. The data is replicated, and everything is happy in this world. But now let us imagine it with three nodes. We write to node 1, which will then replicate to nodes 2 and 3. But node 2 is also configured to replicate to node 3, and given that we have a new document in, it will do just
that. Node 3 will detect that it already have this document and turn that into a no-op. But at the same time that node 3 is getting the document from node 2, it is also sending the document it got from node 1 to node 2. This work, and it evens out eventually, because replicating a document that was already replicated is safe to do. And on high load systems, replication is batched, so you typically don't see a problem until you get to bigger cluster sizes. Let us take the following six way cluster. In this graph, we...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #2083

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Apologies if some of you missed yesterday’s edition – I managed to miss adding the ‘Morning Brew’ tag to the post – its fixed now, and thanks to Bill for letting me know. Software The future of mobile app development – Nat Friedman discusses how bringing Xamarin technology into Microsoft leads to a new future […]

T-SQL Tips: Can a UDF Return Values of Multiple Datatypes?

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This was a question raised in one of the forums recently.
This blog explains how we can create a user defined function (UDF) which can return values of different datatypes under different conditions.
Consider the case where we require creating a user defined function which based on the conditions have to return values of different data types. Since a user defined function can have only a single datatype for the return value we need to find a datatype which can store values for different data types. There's a datatype available in SQLServer called sql_variant which can be used
for this purpose

As per MSDN sql_variant is :-

A data type that stores values of various SQL Server-supported data types.

So we can utilize sql_variant datatype as the return value for the user defined function which will have the ability to store and return values for all the SQLServer supported datatypes

As an illustration we can consider a user defined function as below

ALTER FUNCTION dbo.TestVariant
@Mode char(1)
RETURNS sql_variant
DECLARE @Ret sql_variant
IF @Mode = 'i'
SELECT @Ret = 1
ELSE IF @Mode = 'v'
SELECT...(Read whole news on source site)