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Entity Framework Pitfalls: DbConfiguration Classes Are Automatically Loaded

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Entity Framework, since version 6, allows us to specify certain aspects of its configuration by code through a DbConfiguration-derived class. This configuration can be specified in one of three ways:
A DbConfigurationTypeAttribute when applied to a DbContext class defines the configuration class to be used, if it is not included in the same assembly as the DbContext;
The codeConfigurationType attribute of the entityFramework section does the same;
The static SetConfiguration method of the DbConfiguration class can also be used to set the global configuration programmatically.

However, if there is a
DbConfiguration-derived class in the same assembly as your DbContext, it will be automatically set as the configuration class, provided that:
It is public;
It is non-abstract;
It has a public parameterless constructor.

So, a DbConfiguration in the same assembly as the DbContext is automatically loaded. If there is more than one, the DbContext constructor will throw an exception....(Read whole news on source site)

How to get the Battery information in your Universal Windows Apps

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If you are building an Universal Windows App, and want to check the status of the system battery, you can do it very easily.  It is also often helpful to notify your user with the battery status before your app perform any battery intensive operation or even showing a notification by asking plug-in charge when battery is [...]

Has Yammer played out its role?

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And is Yammer dead? It is now three and a half years since Microsoft acquired Yammer and I think this is the end of Yammer, as a product/service. Let me explain myself, to avoid the flame war and hate mails that happened when I shared that my thoughts in the  Team Sites are dead post. I think Yammer as a brand will stay for a while, it's a strong brand and it's worked into so many PowerPoint decks from Microsoft that it would be hard to wash that away. But as a product or service Yammer is no
longer of interest. I claim this due to a number of facts and observations over the last few years. People who follow me on social media cannot have avoided how I've been pretty aggressive in my comments about this product and I'm by no means alone. Here are some things that I think points very clear what is happening with Yammer. Yammer shut down its UserVoice channel: A couple of days ago Yammer out of the blue took down their UserVoice channel pointing to a custom feedback resource, that you have to register to get in...(Read whole news on source site)

Claims Transformation and Authorization Policy in ASP.NET 5 (vNext)/MVC 6

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          Introduction:                    Sometimes claims inside a token of authenticated user may not be enough/sufficient for your application to decide whether the authenticated user is authorized or not. There are lot of reasons that you cannot put all claims inside the token (due to confidentiality, size-limitation, performance, etc.). For example, claims part of JWT token is just Base64 string encoded (so putting confidential/secret claims in JWT token does not make any sense). Cookie size limitation may be another reason for you. In this case, you may need to add/transform/remove/update claims by checking database/cache/file/other-token and/or you may need to set some default claims for
guest/anonymous user. ASP.NET 5 makes these cases very simple to implement by allowing you to transform user's claims after authentication but before authorization. In this post, I will show you an example of claims transformation. I will also show you an example of authorization policy, a new feature of ASP.NET authorization which allows you to define code based policies, for example, you can define authorization policy that will only allow female sex users to execute some operation.               Description:                       Note that I am using beta7 at the time of writing. Claims transformation is very easy...(Read whole news on source site)

Getting the list of Wifi hotspots and Connecting with them in your Universal Windows Apps

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WiFiAdapter is a new class available in Windows 10 API which is used to control the WiFi connection with in the Universal Windows App. The user can get the available WiFi Adapter in the device and then using the WiFi Adapter the list of all available WiFi networks can be scanned.  Once the list of WiFi [...]

Azure Sketchnote Collection: Pt 1

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Originally posted on: recently started sketchnoting to better understand topics with as many new technologies and languages come out every day.  This post is simply a collection of Azure related sketchnotes that I created.  It is meant as a quick overview of some of the key components and concepts around Azure.  I’ll post more in a future post.  I hope at least a few people find them helpful and I invite feedback. AzureCon 2015 Containers DocumentDB Azure Security
Center Azure Machine Learning
...(Read whole news on source site)