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Using multipurpose Command Window to execute things faster in Visual Studio

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The Visual Studio Command Window is very powerful and can help you to execute things faster during development. The Command window can execute commands  directly in the Visual Studio by using their names. This command could be something from menu, your custom command or even hidden that are not shown in the menu. You can [...]

Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Convention

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Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Convention This post is part of mini series, which complete the full MEF series. this post will go over Microsoft.Composition conventions. personally I really like convention over IoC, because it’s lead to better consistency of the code-base’s naming. Convention can be simple as the following code: Code Snippet var conventions = new ConventionBuilder(); […]

Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Attribute Model

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Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Attribute Model This post is part of mini series, which complete the full MEF series. The original MEF series goes over the version shipped with the .NET framework.This mini series will go over the API of 3rd lightweight (yet efficient) MEF version which consumed via NuGet. This version is following the same concept […]

An AdaptiveTrigger that works with StateTrigger inside WindowsStateTriggers’ CompositeStateTrigger

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Intro Still working on porting Map Mania to the Universal Windows Platform, I ran into a bit of a snag. It wanted to have a kind of decision-tree Visual State In wide screen, show the UI elements next to each other In narrow screen, show the UI element on top of each other and allow the user to determine which one to show with a kind of menu And being a stubborn b*st*rd, I felt I should be able to solve by using the Visual State Manager and Adaptive Triggers only,
with three Visual States. WideState NarrowState_Red NarrowState_Green And of course, using MVVM. There is a StateTrigger, which you can bind to a boolean, that will activate upon that boolean being true – using something like a BoolInvertConverter, that will nicely do as flip-flop switch. There is also the well-known AdaptiveTrigger. So for both the narrow state, I can add a StateTrigger and an AdaptiveTrigger. I envisioned something like this: ...(Read whole news on source site)

Philadelphia VFP User Group--Tuesday, February 9--Menachem Bazian

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The next meeting of the Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group will be next Tuesday, December 9 at 7 PM in room 125, Devry University, 1140 Virginia Drive, Fort Washington, PA. Feel free to come as early as 6:30 and bring some dinner. Our speaker will be Menachem Bazian. His topic is ?Map it with Google!? Abstract: Google maps is a tremendously powerful service that can really add useful functionality to your apps. This session will introduce the Google Maps API and show an application that was built around it.

MySQL – How to Generate Random Number

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In MySQL, UUID() function returns Universal Unique Identifier that generates 36 characters long value which is 5 part hexadecimal numbers. If you want to create random password, you can make use of this function. Returns the string 85aeb064-8f73-11e5-85ef-02fcc4101968 (Note that this is random, when you execute you will get different value). As the total length […]

Ivan Herman's Lisbon tutorial Talk: Content Management: Data as a Service

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the basics and provide an
introduction to Semantic Web technology, including RDF, Turtle, OWL and
SPARQL queries.  If you've heard of these things but weren't entirely
sure of what they are, how to use them, or what they're good for, this
is a golden opportunity to have your curiosity satisfied and your
questions answered.

We will use slides from Ivan Herman's Lisbon tutorial: