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Download Ajith in Theri Android game

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If you are a fan of Ajith kumar , you would like this “Ajith in Theri” game for your android smartphone. The app is published by “Deivasigamani” and is listed in the category “action” . The game description states “A Hero who going to kill the enemy monsters with his weapon without hitting them and...
Official Happy New Year game for Android
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India’s first ‘smart’ scooter set to launch soon

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Automobiles of tomorrow will operate at the intersection of connectivity, data and intelligence. Big data will add a new dimension to the evolution of performance and safety aspects. But the next big leap in automobiles would be driven by the vehicle’s ability to connect to the larger eco-system as well as leveraging data for vehicle...
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href="" rel="nofollow">Interview with Mr. Bhaskar Dhandapani , Country Sales Manager, Freescale on Internet On Things(IOT)…
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Chicago FUDG meeting - Monday 15 Feb 2016

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 Kevin Cully of Atlanta will speak on "Xojo Development with focus on 64bit apps and Raspberry Pi". Xojo is a great development tool for developers who are used to developing in Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Microsoft .NET. It allows application development, not just only Windows, but Mac, Linux, Web, iOS and now the Raspberry Pi computer as well. In addition, Xojo now allows for building 64-bit applications in addition to 32-bit applications. We'll look at all of these factors and more as we take a whirlwind tour of Xojo.

How Philosophy Can Change Your Life, Alain de Botton | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

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How Philosophy Can Change Your Life, Alain de Botton | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

In 1997, he turned away from writing novels and instead wrote an extended essay titled How Proust Can Change Your Life, which became an unlikely blockbuster.

His subsequent books have been described as a ‘philosophy of everyday
life’ and subjects include love, travel, architecture, religion and
work. His other bestsellers include Essays In Love, Status Anxiety, and The Architecture Of Happiness. More recent works include The
News: A User’s Manual, which looks at the impact our obsession with checking news has on our minds, and Art as Therapy, co-written with the art historian John Armstrong....(Read whole news on source site)

Using multipurpose Command Window to execute things faster in Visual Studio

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The Visual Studio Command Window is very powerful and can help you to execute things faster during development. The Command window can execute commands  directly in the Visual Studio by using their names. This command could be something from menu, your custom command or even hidden that are not shown in the menu. You can [...]

Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Convention

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Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Convention This post is part of mini series, which complete the full MEF series. this post will go over Microsoft.Composition conventions. personally I really like convention over IoC, because it’s lead to better consistency of the code-base’s naming. Convention can be simple as the following code: Code Snippet var conventions = new ConventionBuilder(); […]

Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Attribute Model

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Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Attribute Model This post is part of mini series, which complete the full MEF series. The original MEF series goes over the version shipped with the .NET framework.This mini series will go over the API of 3rd lightweight (yet efficient) MEF version which consumed via NuGet. This version is following the same concept […]