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Did you know that you can have multiple email alias associated with an existing Microsoft ID (formally Live ID). The first thing that you should do if you receive a new email address, wither corporate or personal, is associate it with your current Microsoft ID. The post Using multiple email alias with your existing Microsoft ID appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.

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RavenDB is a server product, as such, we are obvious going to have to talk over the network. That is great, except that it means we need a system wide resource, a TCP port. And that isn’t so great, because it turn out that there are a lot of things that can try to grab a port and use it. And I don’t speak about things like Skype taking over port 80. I’m talking about the use of dynamic or ephemeral ports. That means that during the build, we can have something (for example, Chrome, or DropBox, or anything
that uses the web) make a call and suddenly that port is busy and you can’t bind to it. The default ports we use for tests are in the 8070 – 8090 range, but we have had consistent build failures because something is taking the ports. Finally I took the time to investigate, and I discovered that:

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Software AutoMapper 3.2.0 released - Jimmy Bogard announces the release of AutoMapper 3.2.0, a release containing a number of significant improvements and new features including further improvements toLINQ Queryable extensions, improvements to RverseMap, preconditions on member mappings, and much more Information Heartbleed and static analysis - Eric Lippert discusses static analysis in the context of detecting issues like [...]

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The inter row computation is quite common, such as the aggregate, comparison with same period of any previous year, and link relative ratio. Both R language and esProc provides the pretty good inter-row computation ability with slight difference to each other. In the below case, the utilization of some basic inter-row computations is demonstrated to study on the differences between the two methods:

A sales department of a company wants to make statistics on the outstanding sales persons, that is, the sales persons achieve half of the total sales of the company. The data are mainly from the order table
of MSSQL database salesOrder. The main fields include the ID of order: ordered, Name of sales person: name, Sales amount: sales, and date of order: salesDate.
The straightforward solution is as shown below:
1.Group by sales person to calculate the sales amount of each sales person.
2.Sort by sales amount in reverse order on the basis of the data from the previous step.
3.According to the previous step, calculate the aggregate value of each record, and calculate the standard of comparison: the half of total sales of this company.
4.Of the aggregate values calculated in the previous step, select out...(Read whole news on source site)

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Windows Phone 8.1 has been released for developers, and will be available for all soon.
Of course you can already find great in detail reviews of Windows Phone 8.1: or this nice video tour of its new features:   Here I want to focus on the new features that help me boost my productivity since I installed the update on my phone.   Settings
“Show more Tiles” (now for non 1080p phones) increase tiles density on your start screen, more tiles = more tasks done quickly. “Sync my settings” across devices, particularly interesting in IE where you can see tabs opened in your other devices. “Project my screen” (TV, PC, projetor), this feature *will* allow you to mirror your screen to an external display, wirelessly using Miracast technology and *new* WP8.1 hardware, or via USB but we need to wait for the desktop app to be released by MS first. So it is not there yet, but it...(Read whole news on source site)



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