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Migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO

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I have been working with a customer in London this week that is using TFS 2010 for work item tracking and Perforce for source control. Here is how I got on migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO. The post Migrating source from Perforce to Git on VSO appeared first on naked ALM - Experts in ALM, TFS & lean-agile with Scrum.

Oculus Rift (on a budget …)

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Anyone who knows me knows of my interest in all things 3d (stereoscopy) and won’t be at all surprised by my interest in the Oculus Rift. (DK2). However, as most of my stereoscopic viewing equipment looks like this, and not having a particular interest in ‘gaming’ I found that I was lacking in the hardware […]

#1,140 – Using a Value Converter in a Template

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You can use a value converter anywhere in XAML where you are using data binding. Below is an example of using a value converter within a data template.  The Visibility property is bound to the underlying Actor object that is the data context for the item template.  The value converter then derives a value for Visibility from several properties within the Actor object.  (Assume that […]

Question 6 is a trap, a very useful one

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In my interview questions, I give candidates a list of 6 questions. They can either solve 3 questions from 1 to 5, or they can solve question 6. Stop for a moment and ponder that. What do you assume that relative complexity of those questions?             Questions 1 –5 should take anything between 10 – 15  minutes to an hour & a half, max. Question 6 took me about 8 hours to do, although that included some blogging time about it. Question 6 require that you’ll create an index for a 15 TB CSV
file, and allow efficient searching on it. While questions 1 – 5 are basically gate keeper questions. If you answer them correctly, we’ve a high view of you and you get an interview, answering question 6 correctly pretty much say that we past the “do we want you?” and into the “how do we get you?”. But people don’t answer question 6 correctly. In fact, by this time, if you answer question 6, you have pretty much ruled yourself out, because you are going to show that you don’t understand something pretty fundamental. Here are a couple of examples...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1677

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Software 2.0.1 point release – Caliburn.Micro – The Caliburn.Micro team announce a minor update to V2.0 addressing bugs fixes reported in V2.0.0. Azure Resource Manager Tools (Preview) for Visual Studio – Advanced Template Editing – Matt Sampson highlights the Azure Resource Manager Tools (Preview) for Visual Studio, released last week, and walks through its use […]

APress Deal of the Day 20/August/2014 - Node.js Recipes

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Originally posted on:’s $10 Deal of the Day from APress at is Node.js Recipes. “Node.js Recipes is your one-stop reference for solving Node.js problems. Filled with useful recipes that follow a problem/solution format, you can look up recipes for many situations that you may come across in your day-to-day server-side development. ”

My Angular App is Broken after Upgrading to the Latest Beta

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Introduction I have been experimenting with AngularJS for a couple of months. After upgrading to 1.3.0-beta.18, I noticed the following code didn't work. I was previously using the latest stable build which is 1.2.22 as shown below: The HTML File

Angular Playground

Total Length: {{message.length}} The JavaScript File var MainController = function($scope) { $scope.message = "Hello, Michael"; }; Using 1.2.22, the following is displayed in the browser:
Hello, Michael
Total Length: 14 However, if I use 1.3.0-beta.18, then I get the following error: Error: [ng:areq] Argument 'MainController' is not a function, got undefined And the page returns the following: {{message}}
Total Length: {{message.length}} The Fix After a lot of digging, I found several other had asked this question and it turns out that the answer is that with 1.3.x, you can't declare a global constructor and use it with ng-controller as I was doing before. You have to create an angular module and add MainController as a controller as shown below: (function(angular) { ...(Read whole news on source site)

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Well, today was my turn to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  This morning I was tagged by both Adam Cogan and Scott Guthrie.  Tempting as it is though, I’m not doing it twice   I don’t know if it’s typical, but Adam challenged me to complete the task within 24 hours.  I spent today thinking about how I would get home early enough, how I would orchestrate it and where I would get the ice. I decided to do it on the farm (notice the cows behind me) and to have my kids help me.  When I
first told them that I needed their help, they moaned in exasperation at having to “help dad again”.  When I told them, they would be pouring ice cold water on me while filming it, they jumped up and down screaming with excitement. I gave them instructions ahead of time on what to do.  Apparently I wasn’t clear enough.  You’ll notice that my daughter poured the water on me very gradually.  I was hoping for an instantaneous drenching but instead I got a slow motion frostbite.  It seemed like it lasted 10 minutes I’ve now named James Philips,...(Read whole news on source site)