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Announcing the Mojio Windows Phone Developer App Contest

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Announcing the Mojio Windows Phone Developer App Contest

Mojio Windows Phone Developer App Contest

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Green app: Focuses on reducing drivers’ carbon footprints.Fleet app: Focuses on managing a fleet of more than one vehicle more effectively.Business app: Focuses on helping a business manage its resources (i.e., people, time, money) more effectively.Gamification app: Focuses on gamifying driving in a safe manner.Wildcard app: An app which has a primary function that does not fit in any of the above categories.

Visual Studio Toolbox: Data Analysis for Developers

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This is the seventh, and final, in a series of shows featuring speakers from the VSLive conference, which was held in Redmond in August. In this episode, Robert is joined by Andrew Brust for a discussion on data analysis. Although most developers have an interaction with data, they usually stop at collecting and maintaining it. Andrew explains why it is imperative that developers should also know how to visualize data and derive interpretations from it.

Paging in ASP.NET Web API: Introduction | Jerrie Pelser

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Paging in ASP.NET Web API: Introduction | Jerrie Pelser

OData query operators and allows you to perform paging by adding the OData $skip and $top query options to any REST API call.
Mike Wasson has written a very detailed guide on how to use this on the ASP.NET website

their official API documentation on pagination. Github  : how to traverse pagination results.

To request paged information through the Pivotal Tracker API you need to specify the offset and limit query string parameters (which is
different from the “page” based metaphor which GitHub uses)

An alternative approach which the Pivotal Tracker API gives the developer is to return the response inside an envelope.

Rakhitha Nimesh has written a very detailed article explaining the challenges when dealing with pagination in real time data APIs over on the Sitepoint blog.
Twitter  :

Working with Timelines.

Using cursors to navigate collections.

...(Read whole news on source site)

Excerpts from the RavenDB Performance team report: The long tale of a lambda

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This nugget was discovered by Tal, who was measuring write throughput and noticed that a lot of the time wasn’t being handled in the proper code path, but on something on the side that seemed… off. prefetchingQueue.Aggregate(0, (x,c) => x + SelectSerializedSizeOnDiskIfNotNull(c)) > context.Configuration.AvailableMemoryForRaisingBatchSizeLimit) This piece of code is responsible for heuristics deep inside the bowels of RavenDB. In fact, it is the piece that decide whatever we have enough memory to index directly from memory or do we need to start dumping stuff and pay the I/O cost of them later. As a result, this piece of
code is called once for every document save. It was also quite wildly inefficient. The Aggregate implementation was pretty much as you imagined it, and it took three times as much time as actually process the rest of the request. The underlying reason was that we kept doing a foreach and a delegate invocation on each an every call. The more documents we had coming in, the more work we had to do. Shlemiel the painter at his best. We first saw a major improvement by just removing the Aggregate() call in favor of a purpose built function that summed...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1783

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Software Windows 10 announcements on Jan 21, 2015 – Jennifer Marsman shares a nice summary of yesterday’s announcements regarding Windows 10, Office, Phones and Devices and much more Rollup: Microsoft HoloLens, Surface Hub, Windows 10, Xbox One game streaming and more – Scott Hanselman shares his thoughts on the announcements from yesterday, as well as […]