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Understanding Database Scalability – Vertical and Horizontal

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Since I have started my consulting engagements with customers around the world, I have been asked interesting queries from time to time. In a recent customer call, the customer insisted I assist them in taking a call on if they need to buy one server with 64 cores or if they need to buy 2 servers of 32 cores. I had to explain that it is always not that simple to answer the same. After close to 30 mins of conversation they understood finally what I was talking. I took a moment to blog about this engaging conversation about database


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喫煙の危険性は、肺がんなどの発症のリスクが上昇してしまうことなどで知られています。 肺がん以外にも呼吸器疾患などの発症率が高まることによって、体への健康被害が大きいものと考えられています。 肺がんの発症リスクについては、...続きを読む 投稿施設基準に達してる病院の禁煙治療で肺がんのリスク減禁煙を開始して体を健康に!の最初に登場しました。

Thank You For Your Pull Request

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As an open source maintainer, it’s important to recognize and show appreciation for contributions, especially external contributions. We’ve known for a while that after a person’s basic needs are met, money is a poor motivator and does not lead to better work. This seems especially true for open source projects. Often, people are motivated by other intrinsic factors such as the recognition and admiration of their peers, the satisfaction of building something that lasts, or because they need the feature. In the workplace, good managers understand that acknowledging good work is as important if not more so than providing monetary
rewards. This is why it’s so important to thank contributors for their contributions to your projects, big and small. Seems obvious, but I was reminded of this when I read this blog post by Hugh Bellamy about his experiences contributing to the .NET CoreFX repository. In the post, he describes both his positive and negative experiences. Here’s one of his negative experiences. In the hustle and bustle of working at Microsoft, many of my PRs (of all sizes) are merged with only a “LGTM” once the CI passes. This can lead to a feeling of lack of recognition of...(Read whole news on source site)

Managing Your Reputation & Feedback on Amazon

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By Phil GrierAabaco Merchant DevelopmentI recently spoke at the first annual PROSPER Show, a new conference held in Salt Lake City, which included 90+ speakers and 12 ex-Amazonians. While there, we attended many of the panels and in this blog series will share the tips, tricks, and best practices for successfully selling on Amazon as shared by industry experts. Many of these best practices can also apply to your own branded website! This is the last of 8 posts in the series.Amazon customers have high expectations! The average Amazon buyer expects a 24 hour maximum turnaround time on customer service
requests. Amazon also takes buyer feedback very seriously. They use feedback to determine your visibility in product searches and buy box placements, and they have strict rules about what you can and can’t do to solicit and use the feedback received from customers.You might be amazed to know that around 90-95% of Amazon buyers don’t leave feedback, yet they rely heavily on other people’s feedback when making purchase decisions. Amazon also looks closely at product feedback, and with 98% or more positive feedback, they consider you to be satisfying their customers. Anything less than 98% will reduce your visibility. In...(Read whole news on source site)