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Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server at Build 2015

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It’s conference season – //Build/ is this week and Ignite is next week.  As you might expect, we have a TON of stuff to share so I’ll get right to it. Visual Studio & Team Foundation Server 2015 Release Candidate This week released the release candidates for both VS 2015 and TFS 2015.  Both are “go-live” releases and are reliable enough to be used in production environments.  At the same time, neither are finished so we know there are some remaining issues that we plan to fix between now and the final release. Useful links:
Download Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2015 RC VM of Visual Studio 2015 RC in Azure Visual Studio 2015 RC Release notes TFS 2015 RC Release notes Visual Studio 2015 RC KB Article TFS 2015 RC KB Article Visual Studio & Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 5 Release Candidate At the same time, we are providing a release candidate for VS and TFS 2013 Update 5.  For the most part these releases have...(Read whole news on source site)

Deploying an Azure Web Site using TFS Build vNext

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Originally posted on: 2015 is around the corner, and with it comes a whole new build system. All the biggest pain points from the existing build system (now called “XAML builds”) are gone and instead we get a light weight build system with a web UI that makes it very easy to customize our build processes and that doesn’t perform a lot of magic such as redirecting your build output for example. In this post, I will show you just how easy it is to setup a build that builds a standard ASP.NET web application,
generates a web deploy package as part of the build and then pick up this package and deploys it to a Azure web site.
As part of this, you will also see how smooth the integration with Azure is when it comes to connecting your subscription.
Sample Application For this blog post I will use the common FabrikamFiber sample application, the full source for this is available at I have created a new team project called FabrikamFiber on my local TFS 2015...(Read whole news on source site)

Build keynote day 1 part 5

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Joe Belfiore Demos new tweaks to the Windows 10 interface Live tiles animations New space in the start menu to suggest new apps Can also show newly installed apps Lock screen Can suggest to try new features like Cortana, using pen, etc. Helps users to engage with features of Windows that they have not used. […]

Build keynote day 1 part 4 #bldwin

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Satya Nadella Office Rob Lefferts (Office team) Shows integration of Office with 3rd party for example Docu Sign Sway, PowerPoint, Outlook ads-ins Shows APIs to Office to access and create new apps Delve Now going into Windows! New generation of Windows Built for the era of more mobile computing Vibrant user base Unified platform Everything […]

Build keynote day 1 part 3 #bldwin

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Scott Gu back on stage Azure analytics Introduces new services around analytics SQL data warehouse Can aggregate data from many sources Also from on premise systems Interact with the data using power BI, machine learning Build predictive models and expose as an API that your app can use to optimize itself Compares it to AWS […]