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Heroic.AutoMapper Updated

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I just shipped a new version of Heroic.AutoMapper.  Unfortunately, AutoMapper 4.2.0 introduces some breaking changes between 4.1.0 (semvar, anyone?), and Heroic.AutoMapper was impacted.  That means anything that uses Heroic.AutoMapper is also impacted. Fortunately, the change is mechanical, and a NuGet package update followed by some find-and-replace should have you back up and running. First, update to Heroic.AutoMapper 2.0.0.  Next, do a find-and-replace, replacing “CreateMappings(IConfiguration” with “CreateMappings(IMapperConfiguration”.   Any type that implements IHaveCustomMappings should have changed from this:public void CreateMappings(IConfiguration configuration) { configuration.CreateMap() .ForMember(x => x.Name, opt
=> opt.MapFrom(x => x.FullName)); } To this:public void CreateMappings(IMapperConfiguration configuration) { configuration.CreateMap() .ForMember(x => x.Name, opt => opt.MapFrom(x => x.FullName)); } Going forward, AutoMapper 5.0 is going to be a big change.  I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  On the one hand, I totally agree that having a non-static version of Mapper could be useful, and it will probably clean up a lot of things internally.  But, in every application I’ve ever created, I’ve only ever needed a single Mapper.  I can’t think of a single time I’ve needed a...(Read whole news on source site)

9 Hidden Features of Visual Studio that you should know

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Visual Studio is a very powerful IDE. Visual Studio also support lots of tooling capabilities to increase the developer productivity. Over the period I have shared several tips and tricks, new features and hidden feature of Visual Studio over here.  When we say it as hidden, they may be exists from the very beginning of Visual [...]

Download Ajith in Theri Android game

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If you are a fan of Ajith kumar , you would like this “Ajith in Theri” game for your android smartphone. The app is published by “Deivasigamani” and is listed in the category “action” . The game description states “A Hero who going to kill the enemy monsters with his weapon without hitting them and...
Official Happy New Year game for Android
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India’s first ‘smart’ scooter set to launch soon

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Automobiles of tomorrow will operate at the intersection of connectivity, data and intelligence. Big data will add a new dimension to the evolution of performance and safety aspects. But the next big leap in automobiles would be driven by the vehicle’s ability to connect to the larger eco-system as well as leveraging data for vehicle...
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href="" rel="nofollow">Interview with Mr. Bhaskar Dhandapani , Country Sales Manager, Freescale on Internet On Things(IOT)…
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Chicago FUDG meeting - Monday 15 Feb 2016

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 Kevin Cully of Atlanta will speak on "Xojo Development with focus on 64bit apps and Raspberry Pi". Xojo is a great development tool for developers who are used to developing in Microsoft Visual FoxPro and Microsoft .NET. It allows application development, not just only Windows, but Mac, Linux, Web, iOS and now the Raspberry Pi computer as well. In addition, Xojo now allows for building 64-bit applications in addition to 32-bit applications. We'll look at all of these factors and more as we take a whirlwind tour of Xojo.