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The Morning Brew 1809

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Software NuGet 3.0 Beta 2 Released – Jeffrey T. Fritz Information .NET Core Open Source Update – February 26, 2015 – Rich Lander Using Stream Analytics with Event Hubs – Kirk Evans Easy diagnostics for your Azure website – The Schray Ever Wonder What Happened to Your Azure Website Connection String – Max McCarty Nancy […]

Popular Libraries to Create Excel file (XLSX) from C#

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Are you looking out for the C# libraries that lets the developers create excel file programmatically ? . Below is the list popular libraries that lets the developers to create XLSX files programmatically using C#. Popular Libraries to Create Excel file (XLSX) from C# excellibrary EPPlus-Create advanced Excel spreadsheets on the server Open XML SDK [...]
Related Posts :7 Libraries for Reading and Writing from/to Excel File in C# Few months back , I was making an R&D on the possibilities of reading and writing to/from the Excel file from .NET (C#) . At…How to always save
a file in XLS format in Microsoft Excel 2013? This article will explain how the users can always save the excel workbook in XLS format in Microsoft Excel 2013. How to always save a…How to Launch Excel File from a Windows Phone 8 App ? If you have a excel file within your application , you can launch the file and open it in Microsoft excel from a Windows Phone…Display Blank Cell when it contains Zero in Excel 2013 When a cell contains Zero as its value, it is still retained and is not removed by...(Read whole news on source site)

Security for IoT Can't Be an Afterthought

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Earlier this week, in my presentation at on "Communicating with the Internet of Things" one of the points I emphasized repeatedly is the necessity to think about security early and often. Any time you are responsible for creating a device that can communicate with the internet, whether that be a home automation gateway, Wi-Fi-controlled light bulb, or and industrial control system designed for remote monitoring, you need to be sure you understand how that system can be attacked. As security MVP Troy Hunt likes to put it, you need to "hack yourself first."
credit: nwogen on The reason I bring this up is that I had an exchange today with Cuno Pfister of Oberon Microsystems, who announced today the Limmat platform, a gateway device that bridges Bluetooth LE and HTTP, part of which was about how they're securing the device. As part of his response, Cuno pointed to this article, which describes a recently discovered flaw in BMW's ConnectedDrive system that could potentially expose 2 million cars to remote unlocking or disabling. Two MILLION cars. Try to wrap your head around that number for...(Read whole news on source site)

Microsoft Certification exam list

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Understanding .NET 2015

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MSDN Blogs

Make sure you read
which goes into much more depth and will answer your question. .NET
Core is essentially a fork of the NET Framework where we are taking the
base class libraries and optimizing and refactoring them into a much
more modular set. So it is a separate framework implementation, but you
would still recognize and use the libraries similarly in development.
The Core libraries and CoreCLR is cross-plat. .NET Framework 4.6 is
Windows only

See: ASP.NET 5

Manipulating HTML Tables – Part 3 (Deleting Rows)

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My last two blog posts showed you how to add rows to an HTML table. Now, let’s learn how to delete a row from a table. In order to accomplish this you will need to add a ‘Delete’ button to each row of the table. The HTML The HTML for this sample is similar to my last blog post, with the addition of a new
to allow for a column in which you place a ‘Delete’ button. I have highlighted the change in bold in the code below.
0"> Figure 1: Add a delete button to allow a user to delete a row from the table  

Delete Row in Table

                       table-condensed table-striped">        
First Name