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Entity Framework Pitfalls – Composite Primary Keys

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When you have a composite primary key, you will get two properties on your POCO class that together represent the id. In this case, conventions won’t be enough, so you need to mark both properties with the KeyAttribute attribute: public class MyCompositeEntity { [Key] public int PartialKey1 { get; set; }   [Key] public int … Continue reading Entity Framework Pitfalls – Composite Primary Keys

What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2015-11-20

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Updates! Yes, updates! After some awesome announcements at the Connect(); 2015 conference the Office Roadmap is updated with some news, and a decent bunch of additions, specifically some nice new stuff in the In Development bucket. Love the Yammer updates - looks like someone has been listening after all, or have they - read the fine prints… Changes 2015-11-20 Now Launched Contact sync for Outlook for Android: Outlook for Android now syncs contacts to the native contacts application. Finally, this is great news. (New) Enforce Office 365 Identity in Yammer: An important and long anticipated (it only
took a couple of years) update to Yammer and identities. No need for separate Yammer SSO settings. Click here for more information. (New) EU Model Clauses and HIPAA BAA Availability for All Yammer Customers: Another Yammer update, also this one is VERY important. With this update Yammer is getting aligned with the rest of Office 365 in terms of customer data protection. (New) Likes Coming to Outlook on the web: No more +1 e-mails? We're certainly on the right path at least (From Rolling out) Mentions Available in Outlook on the web: Make it possible to @mention people...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1973

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Software Breakpoint Generator Extension – Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management – Site Home – MSDN Blogs – Andrew B Hall shares a post from Jakob Ehn and Utkarsh Shigihalli on a useful code exploration (at runtime) extension which scans code and inserts breakpoints for you to aid your exploration of it Today at Connect()—introducing the Microsoft […]

VSLive SF 2015: ‘Better Unit Tests Through Design Patterns’ Slides & Code

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As promised, here are the slides from the Better Unit Tests through Design Patterns: Repository, Adapter, Mocks, and more… talk that I did this week at VSLive Orlando 2015. Here’s the abstract: You’re sold on unit testing. You’re even doing “test first” development – but there are always those nagging questions. How do your user interfaces fit [...]

VSLive Orlando 2015: Enterprise Git Slides

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As promised, here are the slides from the Enterprise Git talk that I did this week at VSLive Orlando 2015. Here’s the abstract: Git is all the rage. All the cool kids are using Git. They seem to like it a lot. They’re downright passionate about it. But is it right for your project? It’s one thing [...]

Using SQL Prompt to Accelerate the Top 10 Most Common Database Scripts

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There may be some people who enjoy repetitive typing, but Grant Fritchey doesn't. He's always preferred SQL Prompt. The standard snippets suit developers fine but aren't so DBA-oriented, so he set about asking the SQLServerCentral community what they typed in the most, and set about producing a set of DBA snippets with the results.