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Leveraging Search Algorithms for Bing Predicts | Bing Blog

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Leveraging Search Algorithms for Bing Predicts | Bing Blog

In the past, we’ve provided an in-depth view of how improves
relevance for users in web and image search, along with ways we’ve
improved experimentation.  Leveraging technology similar to search, the
team has embarked on the relatively new area we call “Bing Predicts.”
 This feature analyzes web activity, social sentiment, and other signals
to predict the outcomes of events.  My colleague, Walter Sun, the
technical lead for the project, will share some insights on how Bing
Predicts works.  In particular, he
will shed some light on how we
currently make predictions in the categories of entertainment, politics,
and sports – including the recently announced Bing predictions for March Madness. ...(Read whole news on source site)

Allocation Failure and Remediation | Microsoft Azure Blog

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Allocation Failure and Remediation | Microsoft Azure Blog

When you create a VM, restart stopped (de-allocated) VMs, resize a VM,
or when you add new web or worker role instances, Microsoft Azure
allocates compute resources to your subscription. You may occasionally
receive errors when performing these operations even before you reach
the Azure subscription limits. This blogpost explains the causes of some
of the common allocation failures and suggests possible remediation.
The information may also be useful when you plan the deployment of your

Episode 171: Hive Queries with Nino Bice | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show | Channel 9

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Episode 171: Hive Queries with Nino Bice | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show | Channel 9

In this episode Mat Velloso and Elliott Miller are standing in for Chris Risner and Haishi Bai.
 Mat and Elliott are joined by Nino Bice, a Product Manager on the
HDInsight team.  In this show, episode 2 of our Big Data series, Nino
walks through how you can use Hive queries with HDInsight.  Hive allows
you to execute SQL-like queries which compile down into map-reduce jobs.
 Nino begins by quickly going
over how to generate a new cluster using
the Azure portal.  He then shows the HDInsight Query Console.  Nino then
proceeds to demonstrate how querying works and runs some live queries.
 Nino ends the show by going over some of the Visual Studio tooling that
Microsoft provides for working with HDInsight and Hive....(Read whole news on source site)

Announcing Azure App Service | Microsoft Azure Blog

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Announcing Azure App Service | Microsoft Azure Blog

ith App Service, developers enjoy the following benefits:

Deploy web, mobile and API apps in seconds using your language of choice like .NET, Java, NodeJS, PHP or PythonBuild one app backend that works across native iOS, Android and Windows clientsAutomate business processes using a powerful new visual design experienceConnect easily to enterprise systems such as SQL, SAP and Oracle and
popular cloud services like Office 365, Dynamics CRM,,
DropBox and many moreBuild and consume cloud APIs from a rich ecosystem of connectors and
templatesPerform sophisticated DevOps functions with continuous integration using Visual Studio Online and GitHubFocus on rapidly improving your apps without worrying about infrastructureCreate a new app right away for free. No credit card required, no commitments, no hassles.

App Service includes the following app types:

Web Apps – Create mission critical Web apps that scale with your business.Mobile Apps – Engage employees, partners and customers on any device at any time.Logic Apps – Automate business processes across SaaS and on-premises.API Apps – Easily build and consume Cloud APIs within any app....(Read whole news on source site)

7 Habits of Highly Motivated People

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Motivation is a powerful skill. It can lift you up from the worst of places, and inspire you to new heights. After all, nothing is worse than slogging your way through your days, or working your way through a bunch of mundane tasks. But, like I said, motivation is a skill. You need to learn it.   For many people it does not come naturally.   And chances are, many of us have had bad models, bad advice, and worse, bad habits for a lifetime. One of the most important insights I found was said by
Stephen Covey long ago – satisfied needs don’t motivate. It’s why we need to stay hungry. Here’s how you stay hungry -- find a problem you hate, and focus on creating a solution you love. But how you light your fire from the inside out in a sustainable way? That’s where the 7 habits of highly motivated people comes in. I wanted to put together a very simple set of habits and practices that actually work for building your motivational muscle and finding your inner mojo. Here are the 7 habits of...(Read whole news on source site)

Upgrading your Neo4J from XXX to 2.2.0–having authorization trouble?

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Originally posted on:’ve recently upgraded one of my Neo4J dbs from 2.1.7 to 2.2.0, and instantly ran into troubles with the new Authentication that the db now has. You’ll notice it when you first login to your browser (http://localhost:7474/) and get asked for a login name and password. Of course, you can turn off authentication via the settings (conf/ by changing the ‘’ value to false, but now we’ve got it, we should use it! Luckily neo4jclient already allows us to pass in basic auth via the uri, so we can do something like:
var client = new GraphClient(new Uri("http://user:pass@localhost.:7474/db/data")); client.Connect(); 9 times out of 10, that’ll work just fine for you, the problem is if your password has a character in it that the Uri constructor can’t parse – now I’m sure you can escape the character – but I’ve been unable to find out how, so something like: new Uri(http://user:pass#@localhost.:7474/db/data) will fail with a ‘UriFormatException: Invalid URI: Invalid port specified.’ message (I’ve added a ‘#’ to the password). What to do??? Spiffily – the GraphClient has another constructor that takes in an IHttpClient, so we can create our own version that injects the Authorization header...(Read whole news on source site)

Timeouts, TCP and streaming operations

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We got a bug report in the RavenDB mailing list that was interesting to figure out.  The code in question was: foreach(var product in GetAllProducts(session)) // GetAllProducts is implemented using streaming { ++i; if (i > 1000) { i = 0; Thread.Sleep(1000); } } This code would cause a timeout error to occur after a while. The question is why? We can assume that this code is running in a console application, and it can take as long as it wants to process things. And the server is not impacted from what the client
is doing, so why do we have a timeout error here? The quick answer is that we are filling in the buffers. GetAllProducts is using the RavenDB streaming API, which push the results of the query to the client as soon as we have anything. That lets us parallelize work on both server and client, and avoid having to hold everything in memory. However, if the client isn’t processing things fast enough, we run into an interesting problem. The server is sending the data to the client over TCP. The client machine will get the results, buffer them and send them to...(Read whole news on source site)