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Random Link Roundup–8/29/2014

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Once again, happy Friday!  As is the tradition, here’s a bunch of random useful links I stumbled across in my adventures this week. Meteor.js is a slick-looking framework.  Anything can be made to look good in a demo, but still, if it works half this well, that's amazing. Claims in ASP.NET Identity are a lot more powerful than I understood.  I wish I had paid more attention to them before now. Two great posts by Kevin Junghans: Also from Kevin, his Simple Security samples: Continuing on
the ASP.NET Identity front, Ben Foster shows that ASP.NET Identity code doesn't have to look terrible!  The MVC team needs to make File -> New Project produce something closer to this examples. Want a document DB for your cloud-hosted app?  Azure's got that now, too: Did you know you can have .NET execute code when an assembly is loaded without using something like Web Activator?  C# doesn't support it, but the InjectModuleInitializer NuGet package makes this functionality available to you! Where was this when I was a...(Read whole news on source site)

Foyer Screen Slideshow - 2014 Intern Project

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Introduction As an Intern in the Edinburgh office I have been involved in creating a slideshow that conveys interesting information about the company, something useful and entertaining to catch the attention of visitors in the waiting area. The project is essentially a web application built with JavaScript, HTML5 and...

#1,147 – Converting from Polar Coordinates to Cartesian Coordinates

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You can represent a two dimensional point as either a cartesian coordinate (X,Y) or a polar coordinate (r,theta).  Conversions between these two coordinate systems are shown below. From polar coordinates to cartesian: To convert from cartesian coordinates to polar, the following formula works, as long as the X value is positive. If X is 0 or negative, […]

Interview questions: Large text viewer

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I mentioned that we are looking for more people to work for us. This time, we are looking for WPF people for working on the profiler, as well another hush hush project that we’ll hopefully be able to reveal in December. Because we are now looking for mostly UI people, that gives us a different set of challenges to deal with. How do I get a good candidate when my own WPF knowledge is limited to “Um.. dependency properties, man, that the bomb, man, yeah!”. Add that to the fact that by the time people got an interview here, we
want to be sure that they can code, that present an interesting problem. So we come up with questions like this one. Another question we have is the large text viewer. We need a tool that can work with text file (logs) of huge size (1GB – 10 GB). We want to be able to open and search through such a file. Nitpicker corner: I usually use this tool for that, the purpose of the question isn’t to actually to get such a tool, it is to see what kind of code the candidate writes. We are...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1683

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Information Using WCF in .NET Native – Immo Landwerth shares a post from Ron Cain, a developer on the WCF team which takes a look at getting WCF running on the .NET Native Compiler ASP.NET vNext – August 2014 Status Rollup – Scott Hanselman gives an overview and update on the ASP.NET vNext project, including […]

Inspirational Work Quotes at a Glance

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What if your work could be your ultimate platform? … your ultimate channel for your growth and greatness? We spend a lot of time at work.  For some people, work is their ultimate form of self-expression.  For others, work is a curse. Nobody stops you from using work as a chance to challenge yourself, to grow your skills, and become all that you’re capable of. But that’s a very different mindset than work is a place you have to go to, or stuff you have to do. When you change
your mind, you change your approach.  And when you change your approach, you change your results.   But rather than just try to change your mind, the ideal scenario is to expand your mind, and become more resourceful. You can do so with quotes. Grow Your “Work Intelligence” with Inspirational Work Quotes In fact, you can actually build your “work intelligence.” Here are a few ways to think about “intelligence”: the ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations (Merriam Webster) the more distinctions...(Read whole news on source site)

APress Deal of the Day 29/August/2014 - Pro NuGet

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Originally posted on:’s $10 Deal of the Day from APress at is Pro NuGet. “NuGet is an open-source Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to manage the libraries, components and configuration files within your project. Pro NuGet will give you a solid, practical, understanding of how to control your software dependencies and ensure a robust development process for you and your team.”

Strongly typed direct routing link generation in ASP.NET Web API with Drum

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ASP.NET Web API provides an IUrlHelper interface and the corresponding UrlHelper class as a general, built-in mechanism you can use to generate links to your Web API routes. In fact, it’s similar in ASP.NET MVC, so this pattern has been … Continue reading →The post Strongly typed direct routing link generation in ASP.NET Web API with Drum appeared first on StrathWeb.