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In my last post, I talked about the events leading up to and the events of launching WatchMeCode‘s new subscription service for JavaScript screencasts. In that post, I very briefly mentioned using WordPress and some plugins and add-ons to get the service up and running in a matter of hours – what would have taken […]

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I posted before about design practice for how I would approach building a search engine library. I decided to bite the bullet and actually try to do this. Using Voron, that turned out to be a really simple thing to do. Of course, this doesn’t do a tenth of what Lucene does, but it actually does quite a lot. The code is available here, and I want to emphasize again, this is purely experimental / research project. The entire thing comes to less than 500 lines of code. And it is pretty functional even at this stage. Corax is composed
of: Analysis Indexing Querying Analysis of the documents is handled via analyzers:
1: public interface IAnalyzer

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Blogging Again Right then, let's give this blogging lark another shot, shall we? I've had some form of blog online since the summer of 1997 (back when they were called online journals or simply 'homepages'). For most of that time my web presence was a single unfocussed site containing posts about all manner of things - a mixture of diary style witterings, some technical content, beer reviews, over-excited commentary on shiny new web applications, unabashed ranting, photos of my kids and other assorted gallimaufry. The increasing popularity of social media sites over the last decade means that most of those kind of outpourings
are now more appropriately spouted on some combination of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, depending on the target audience. And to think I once wrote blog posts questioning the need for sites like Facebook and Twitter - use cases certainly emerge and change with mass adoption. So, I reach the conclusion that I no longer have a requirement for a personal blog. Some of the better or more nostalgic posts may make eventually resurface elsewhere for posterity's sake, but I shouldn't hold your breath. On the other hand, I do think that writing technical blog posts about my career as a software...(Read whole news on source site)

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A lot of blogs have been showing off and talking about new Windows Phone 8.1 features that are the big picture features I love like Cortana, Action Center and even the new Calendar views. Well, I have the new build and I have to say I’m loving it too. These features are great, but I’ve noticed a bunch of smaller features that I also adore. Let’s talk about these smaller, but very cool features: Internet Explorer 11 Reader View My phone ends up being one of my main news source. I wake up to my GooNews app as
well as the Bing News app (now just called News). Because of this, I end up in the browser reading quite a few articles. On Windows Phone 8, the reading experience was annoying if the website didn’t make sure the site was responsive. Most notably sports news websites seem prone to this (I’m a baseball fan). In IE11 on Windows 8.1, they now support a reading mode for sites it can discern how to format the page. This is much like many page optimizers out there but it being built-in makes it much easier to work with. If the...(Read whole news on source site)

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Update: Forgot to mention - Friday and Monday are Public Holidays here in the UK, so inkeeping with Morning Brew tradition I will be taking those days off, with the next edition being Tuesday 22nd April. Have a good Easter break. Software Announcing Kendo UI Core - Telerik announce the release of Kendo UI [...]

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Originally posted on: The APress Deal of the day at is a free E-book - Foundation Version Control for Web Developers. "Foundation Version Control for Web Developers explains how version control works, what you can do with it and how, using the three leading systems—SVN, Git and Mercurial—on multiple operating systems"



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