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Learning AngularJS One Step at a Time

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I have a new in-depth article published online today called, “AngularJS: One Step at a Time”. See below for more information and a link to the online article. Article Introduction Intro: As a web developer, you are always looking for ways to enhance your HTML web apps with the comfort and safety of a framework that won’t disappear overnight. While there have been many frameworks that have come and gone, AngularJS is not one of those. AngularJS is backed by Google and is an MVC framework that allows you to define very powerful
templates directly in your HTML and includes data binding and dependency injection which makes your code not only easier to write but for others to read. The Full Article The full article is hosted on the ModernWeb and you can access it by clicking here. Don’t forget to rate it and leave comments if you have any problems.

What is new in RavenDB 3.0: Simplicity

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I’m not sure that there is a better word to describe it. We have a sign in the office, 3 feet by 6 feet that says: Reduce Friction. And that is something that we tried very hard to do. Under simplicity we aggregate everything that might aggravate you, and what we did to reduce that. That include things like reducing the number of files and assemblies we ship. Compare the 2.5 output: To the 3.0 output: We did that by removing a lot of dependencies that we could do without, and internalizing a lot of the other stuff. We went over the command
line interface of the tooling we use and upgraded that. For example, restoring via the command line is now split into a restoring a system database (offline operation for the entire server) or restoring a regular database (the server is fully online, and other databases can run during this time). In secret and without telling anyone, we have also doubled the amount of parallel work that RavenDB can do. Previously, if you purchased a standard license, you were limited to 6 concurrent index tasks, for example. In RavenDB 3.0, the standard license still has 6 cores capacity, but it will allow...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,158 – Managing using Directives, part I

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As you write code, Visual Studio will let you know that you’ve used an identifier that it doesn’t know by marking it with a red squiggly underline.  Below, we’ve started creating a class that derives from Shape.  But Visual Studio tells us that it doesn’t know about Shape. The easiest way to resolve this is to try right-clicking […]

Finally Talked Kathleen Dollard into Doing the Podcast

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It took more than I expected to get Kathleen to join me on the podcast. But after begging, pleading, and some honest compliments she gave in. I think it was well worth the wait! If you’re a fan of Kathleen like I am, I think you’ll enjoy her story of how her career unfolded. It all started with a cast-off NASA computer when she was growing up in Huntsville, AL. And I don’t’ think she’s ever stopped since. The Hello World Podcast is where I get to talk with some of your favorite authors, developers and speakers about
how they got started in software development. You can listen to episode 40 here:  You can subscribe to the podcast here:
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