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VS Online Update – April 27th

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This week we are rolling out our Sprint 81 work.  3 instances have been updated so far and the remaining 3 will update over the next couple of days – so, as usual, you may not see the changes immediately. This update comes close on the heels of the last one.  We just finished the sprint 80 update only a week ago.  It was delayed because of the huge changes to support team project rename.  Starting with this sprint, we should be back on a normal schedule. There are some VERY nice changes in this deployment.  You can
read the release notes. Our #1 support request right now is people who delete their account (intentionally or accidentally) and then wish to undelete it.  Until now you’d have to call support and have them undelete it for you.  We now have a self-serve experience.  Deleted accounts will be kept around for 90 days, after which there will be no way to get the data back. There’s also a bunch of Agile planning improvements.  I won’t repeat everything in the release notes, but a couple of comments.  I spent about 30 minutes this morning playing around with...(Read whole news on source site)

Silverlight DynamicResource

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This will be my first post on Silverlight! WPF offers two markup extensions, StaticResource and DynamicResource, that can be used to set property values from items in resource dictionaries. The difference between the two can be summarized as: StaticResource is evaluated at the start of the application, and will find resources defined before its actual usage; DynamicResource is evaluated at a later point, and will find resources declared anywhere, before or after its usage. Unfortunately, Silverlight does not include DynamicResource, but it
is relatively easy to achieve something like that; that is the purpose of this post. Check out the following code:

2015 Global Azure Bootcamp

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Last Saturday, April 25th, the Orlando .NET User Group was part of Global Azure Bootcamp. The event took place across 183 locations throughout the world so it was great to be part of it and to bring such great content to Orlando.  Our event ran from 10 am until 3 pm, with the following sessions […]

Software Craftsman, The: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride | InformIT

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Software Craftsman, The: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride | InformIT

Mancuso helped found the world’s largest organization of software
craftsmen; now, he shares what he’s learned through inspiring examples
and pragmatic advice you can use in your company, your projects, and
your career.

You will learn

Why agile processes aren’t enough and why craftsmanship is crucial to making them work How craftsmanship helps you build software right and helps clients in ways that go beyond code How and when to say “No” and
how to provide creative alternatives when you do Why bad code happens to good developers and how to stop creating and justifying it How to make working with legacy code less painful and more productive How to be pragmatic—not dogmatic—about your practices and tools How to lead software craftsmen and attract them to your organization What to avoid when advertising positions, interviewing candidates, and hiring developers How developers and their managers can create a true culture of learning How to drive true technical change and overcome deep patterns of skepticism...(Read whole news on source site)

First TFS 2015 RC production upgrade I know of

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I got the first customer report of a production upgrade to the TFS 2015 release candidate today.  Understand, we haven’t released it yet but we gave an early copy to our MVPs to give us final feedback on.  One of our MVPs reported that he upgraded a customer with a 9GB team project collection (not terribly large, obviously), and that it took 11 minutes. I was happy to hear that it was both successful and reasonably fast.  This release has a lot of database changes to support Team Project rename and other things so, for large databases, we expect
the upgrade times will be significant.  To mitigate that, we have created a “pre-upgrade” tool that will make most of the schema changes while your server is still online and available and only require you to shut it down for the final schema updates.  In my opinion, only customers with pretty large systems (hundreds of gigs or more) likely need to go that path.  Anyone can, it won’t hurt, but not everyone needs to. Anyway, just thought I’d share a little good news for the day.  The RC will be broadly available before too long so stay tuned for...(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1848

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Software Node.js Tools 1.0 on GitHub and VMs Available – Kasey Uhlenhuth and the Visual Studio team highlight the 1.0 release of Node.JS tools for Visual Studio, their migration to , and the availability of Virtual Machine Images giving you an easy way to try out Node.JS and Visual Studio Information ASP.NET MVC 6 formatters […]

AngularJS training in Canada

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I am thrilled to have a series of AngularJS training coming in the next few months, as part of the Angular Academy in Canada.Angular Academy is a 3-day hands-on public course given in-person across Canada.Here is the first series of cities covered this summer (more to come soon):Académie Angular Montréal (french) - 08-10 JuinAngular Academy Vancouver - June 17-19Académie Angular Québec (french) - 08-10 Juillet
You can find more information on the website: www.angularacademy.caOr follow us on Twitter and Facebook.