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Mark Pearl

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1 Strangling the life out of Software Testing Administrator
2 Incentivizing Work with Development Teams Administrator
3 Refactoring FizzBuzz Administrator
4 The cost of Programmer Team Clustering Administrator
5 It is not quantifiably better Administrator
6 Principles vs. Process Administrator
7 The challenge of giving a positive No Administrator
8 Lessons learnt in implementing Scrum in a Large Organization that has traditional values Administrator
9 Minimum team development sizes Administrator
10 Legacy Code Retreat Questions Administrator
11 Cool site for learning editor shortcuts Administrator
12 VSNomad – Interesting Cross Mobile Platform Development from Visual Studio Administrator
13 The human multitasking problem – the cost of a context switch Administrator
14 VS2010 Large Solution Bottle Neck Administrator
15 Book review of XAML Developer Reference by Mamta D, Ashish Ghoda; O'Reilly Media Administrator
16 SQL Source Control – Why buy the DB products and go through their Webinar Administrator
17 Getting to grips with the stack in nasm Administrator
18 More NASM with GVim Administrator
19 Computer Networks UNISA - Chap 12 – Networking Security Administrator
20 Computer Networks UNISA - Chap 10 – In Depth TCP/IP Networking Administrator
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