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Method ~ of ~ failed by Tim Heuer

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1 Join me at various Build events across America Administrator
2 I lost 55lbs using these two amazing simple steps–you can too! Administrator
3 I lost 40lbs using these two amazing simple steps–you can too! Administrator
4 Updated Flickr4Writer for new Flickr API restrictions Administrator
5 Determining Portable Class Library compatibility Administrator
6 Working with Portable Class Libraries and porting TagLib# Administrator
7 Using SDK/library references in Universal Windows Apps Administrator
8 Adding an Extension SDK dependency to your NuGet package Administrator
9 Add Twitter Cards to your content Administrator
10 Using AppBarButton in Windows 8.1 Administrator
11 Getting rid of StandardStyles.xaml in Windows 8.1 Administrator
12 Callisto Migration Tip: Menus Administrator
13 Callisto Migration Tip: Flyouts Administrator
14 Callisto Migration Tip: Use PlaceholderText in Windows 8.1 Administrator
15 Callisto Migration Tip: Use Windows 8.1 SettingsFlyout Administrator
16 Callisto Update for Windows 8.1 Administrator
17 Getting Google Chrome browser to work with touch Administrator
18 Creating XAML Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2013 Administrator
19 Priorities, passion and employment Administrator
20 Ensuring your Windows store app knows of a language change Administrator
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