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Getting Started with Windows Azure

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This is the second in a series of posts I’m doing on Windows Azure – which is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform. In today’s post I’m going to cover how to sign-up and get started with Windows Azure using a no-obligation 3 month free trial offer.  This free trial costs nothing and doesn’t obligate you to buy anything at the end of it.  It provides an easy way to try out and get started with Windows Azure. Windows Azure Website The web-site provides everything you need to get started with Windows Azure –
including overview content, developer tutorials and documentation, account management, and more: On the home page, as well as in the top-right hand corner of every page of the site, is a “free trial” link.  Clicking it will take you to a sign-up page that enables you to quickly register a new account and get started with Windows Azure: Three Month Free Trial Offer We recently refreshed our Windows Azure free trial offer to make sign-up easier, ensure it...(Read whole news on source site)

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