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Async using the old Async Begin / End Pattern

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  In the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of familiarising myself with various async patterns in C#. After going through the different approaches one gets a feel for how far we have come since the .Net 1 days. One particular pattern that I was not familiar with implementing but which has been available since the beginning of .Net is what I call the Async Begin / End Pattern. Since my interest is really making calls asynchronously so that I don’t block the UI thread - from what I can tell this is one of
the more complicated approaches to achieve this, but useful to know of where we have come from. So the approach I am going to illustrate is one where we pass a delegate for a callback method to BeginInvoke. The method is executed on a ThreadPool thread when the asynchronous call completes. The callback method calls EndInvoke. Let’s look at the synchronous implementation first… Take a WPF project with one window and a button with a click event behind it. Implement the following code… using System.Threading; using System.Windows; namespace WpfApplicationTemp { public partial class...(Read whole news on source site)

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