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Exploring LightSwitch Architecture

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Source:  Exploring LightSwitch Architecture Go deeper and explore the architecture of a LightSwitch application. LightSwitch applications are built on a classic three-tier architecture, on top of existing .NET technologies and proven architectural design patterns. See how LightSwitch works under the covers. Anatomy of a LightSwitch Application
Read this multi-part article series that explains the layered architecture of LightSwitch applications. Visual Studio LightSwitch: Beyond the Basics with Joe Binder
Learn about the LightSwitch application framework architecture and see how to extend it with your own custom data
sources and controls. Going Deep: Steve Anonsen and John Rivard, Inside Visual Studio LightSwitch
Go deep and meet the architects behind LightSwitch as they discuss how LightSwitch is designed and what problems it actually solves. Channel 9 Interview: Inside LightSwitch
Meet the architects behind LightSwitch, Steve Anonsen and John Rivard, focusing on how LightSwitch is designed and what problems it actually solves as a consequence of the design. ...(Read whole news on source site)

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