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Casing when coding

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  One of the first developer jobs I had was programming in VB6 for a small business down the road. Up to that point I had been casually coding at school but this was my first exposure to “professional” development. To get the job I had to do a weeks worth of work and then get it reviewed by the boss. I thought I did a pretty good job until I got his review back and he criticized everything – in particular he ripped apart my naming conventions (or lack of them). In memory of this event I
thought I would post briefly on naming conventions / terminology. We have come a long way since the vb6 days. Pascal Case – if you ever hear this it means that when forming a name of something, if we do it in Pascal Case we capitalize the first character of each “word”. Keeping in mind that a method name could be formed by many word. The following are examples… MethodName FunctionThatReturnsAValue MyNameIsMark Camel Case – think of this as looking like a camel… it...(Read whole news on source site)

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