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Strongly Typed Data Controls (ASP.NET vNext Series)

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This is the second in a series of blog posts I’m doing on ASP.NET vNext. The vNext releases of .NET and Visual Studio include a ton of great new features and capabilities.  With ASP.NET vNext you’ll see a bunch of really exciting improvements with both Web Forms and MVC – as well as in the core ASP.NET base foundation that both are built upon. Today’s post is the first of a few posts I’ll do that talk about some of the improvements coming to Web Forms.  Today’s post covers the new support we are introducing for
Strongly Typed Data Controls. Some Background on Data Control Templates ASP.NET Web Forms introduced the concept of “templates” starting with the very first release.  Templates allow you to customize (or override) the markup emitted from server controls, and are typically used with data-binding expressions. When using data-binding within a template today, you use late-bound expressions to bind to the data.  For example, below we are using the Eval() helper method to data-bind the “FirstName” and “LastName” properties from a list of objects data-bound to a repeater control:

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