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Git Revisited

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  Having worked with TFS & SVN for a while now, I recently was put in a position where I had to get up to speed with Git. My only experience with Git up to now was attending a brief presentation on the subject and spending a few hours playing around with it – interesting at the time, but foreign enough for me not to hold any strong opinions on the matter. For the last two weeks I have had to get exposure to Git, and after getting over the initial “uncomfortable” stage I must say that Git
is seeming more and more like the way to go in certain scenarios. Below are some of the items that appealed to me. Single Git file in root of Git Repository vs tracking changes on a file to file basis With SVN I found irritating .svn folders in every sub directory of a SVN repo. This is fine 90% of the time until something breaks and you need to change the repo or do some fringe case fixing. with Git it places a single .get folder in the root of the repository and leaves all the sub directories...(Read whole news on source site)

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