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Getting Started With WiX

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Originally posted on: Up until this week I had not even heard of WiX (Windows Installer XML Tools).  As with most open source projects I found myself spending a large amount of time trying to find resources to explain how to use this tool.  I figured if I was struggling there might be a few others that could use some help.  In this post I will cover a number of topics to get you started with WiX. First thing you need is the toolset itself.  You can get it here.  Once you run
the install be sure to restart your machine so that the new templates will show up in Visual Studio. Now that we have the tools you are on your own.  I found a video that gives you the absolute minimum information required to create the equivalent of a “Hello World” install.  Of course there are a number of things that the video does not cover and I will address a couple of those below. The WiX toolset has a set of default dialogs, all of which are customizable.  The one that I think is useful to the...(Read whole news on source site)

Object pooling and thread safety

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(Apologies for the horizontal scrollbar on the code… this is my first post using markdown on WordPress, and it’s really highlighted the fact that I need to make the content area wider. Will see what I can do…) A few days ago, I was watching Dustin Campell’s excellent talk from TechEd 2013, “Essential truths everyone […]

Move from WP to new Windows Phone

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No one blogged about migrating from a Windows Phone to a new Windows Phone! There is no source online about this. I have used the amazing Nokia Lumia 920 for almost a year, but I have a Nokia Lumia 930 now. I have won this amazing device from the June competition of Adduplex.The 930 has a better screen (full HD) better CPU and a better camera. My 920 had the windows phone 8.1 developer preview 8.10.12400.899 and my 930 has 8.1 (no developer preview) and runs 8.10.12397.895 so the old phone seems to run newer software, but it
has no Nokia Cyan (yet).Back to the migration of the new phone. There are several guides online about moving from Android to Windows Phone or Apple (iOs) to Windows Phone, but no guides from Windows Phone to Windows Phone.When you fire up the new Nokia Lumia 930 you get the installation wizard. During that wizard you have to sign in at your Windows id/account (former live id, former .net passport) The wizard will notice that you had a Windows Phone before and will give you the option to restore a backup. The backup contains all your mail accounts,...(Read whole news on source site)

Being Cellfish: Lying with statistics and StackOverflow

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Being Cellfish: Lying with statistics and StackOverflow

the article on StackOverflow performance is that it is focusing on "560M page views per month on 25 servers"

a lot of traffic is actually not page views but API calls, Averaging
1750 requests per second across all servers (peaking at 3000 so my
assumption of peak load relative to average turned out to be spot on).
That comment also lets us know that all the requests are handled by nine
(9) servers and the rest of the 25
are databases etc. So at peak each
server is getting 330 requests per second....(Read whole news on source site)

O’Reilly Deal of the Day 1/August/2014 - Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook

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Originally posted on:’s half-price deal of the day from O’Reilly at is Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook. “Working with a varied set of upcoming technologies is a challenge. Visual Studio 2012 is all about enabling you to develop and manage these consumer-focused and business-focused apps. It provides best-in-class tools that propel developers to create new apps or evolve existing ones, and it enables individuals and teams to deliver continuous value and agility. In conjunction, .NET 4.5 provides expansive capabilities for developers to work on all forms of apps and services,
from client to mobile to web to cloud, enabling them to get to the market fast. This book shows you exactly how to do this, and much more. It focuses on giving expertise on upcoming technologies through complete architectural insights of .NET infrastructure and hands on examples.” ...(Read whole news on source site)

I’ve Become A Big Fan of Amazon’s WhisperSync

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I’ve discovered Amazon’s WhisperSync, and I’m in love. The idea is that you buy an Audible book and a Kindle book — and your device (which can be a computer, iPad, Kindle, etc.) keeps them synchronized.  This allows two wonderful … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at