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EF7 – v1 or v7? - ADO.NET Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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EF7 – v1 or v7? - ADO.NET Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

while ago we blogged about EF7 targeting new platforms and new data stores.
In that post we shared that our EF6.x code base wasn’t setup to achieve
what we wanted to in EF7, and that EF7 would be a “lightweight and
extensible version of EF”.
That begs the question, is EF7 the next version of EF, or is it something new?

Building a working Robot controlled by a C#, an iPhone, and Monkey.Robotics - Scott Hanselman

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Building a working Robot controlled by a C#, an iPhone, and Monkey.Robotics - Scott Hanselman

Monkey.Robotics (GitHub)

Netduino running the open source
.NET Micro Framework. This Netduino will receive communications via a
Bluetooth radio on a chip. This BT LE board is connected to the GPIO
(general purpose input output) pins on the Netduino. The board then

UI/UX-Workshop auf der GUI&DESIGN 2014 in Berlin

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Vom 9.-10. Dezember findet in Berlin die GUI&DESIGN 2014 statt, eine Fachkonferenz rund um grafische Bedienoberflächen im Microsoft-Umfeld. Im Rahmen des zugehörigen Workshop-Tags am 8. Dezember halte ich einen Workshop mit dem Titel Von Null auf GUI - Praxiswissen für Entwickler Dieser Workshop vermittelt Entwicklern ohne UI/UX-Vorkenntnisse in einem Crash-Kurs sowohl ein Grundverständnis für die Materie, als auch das notwendige Handwerkszeug, um selbst ansprechende Bedienoberflächen gestalten zu können. Vortragsteile und praktische Übungen wechseln sich dabei ab, um das Erlernte in Einzel- und Gruppenarbeiten direkt vertiefen zu können. Diesen Workshop habe ich schon einige Male gehalten, u.a. auf der GUI&DESIGN 2013. Es
hat jedesmal sehr viel Spaß gemacht und besonders die Übungen sind immer wieder spannend, wenn die Teilnehmer in kleinen Gruppen nach und nach komplexere Aufgaben lösen. Einige der Themen: Menschliche Wahrnehmung: Warum ist man manchmal einfach "blind", wenn man einen Button in einer GUI sucht, aber nicht findet? Visuelles Design für Nicht-Designer: Ein paar Grundregeln, um auch mit wenig Talent zu brauchbaren Ergebnissen zu kommen. User Experience: Wie Gefühle das Handeln von Anwendern bestimmen und wie das Wissen darüber hilft, bessere Bedienoberflächen zu gestalten. Das passende Werkzeug zur richtigen Zeit: Mit Stift und Papier Zeit und Geld sparen - auch wenn man gar nicht zeichnen...(Read whole news on source site)

My Thoughts on AngularJS 1.3 and 2.0

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I've received a ton of questions on Twitter and through email about last week's AngularJS announcement. Questions such as "What's going on with AngularJS?" and "Should I start a new AngularJS 1.3 project when AngularJS 2.0 looks quite different?". Many people are excited about the modern approach the Angular team is taking with 2.0, a few seem to be predicting doom and gloom, and a few more are worried about what they should do.  As a result of all the questions I decided to put together a quick post since 140 characters on Twitter isn’t really enough.
on 1.3 or Move to Another Framework? While every situation is different and maintenance certainly has to be evaluated carefully with any software project, I personally like what I've seen so far (2.0 is still very early though and may certainly change) and plan to build SPAs in the near term using Angular 1.3. Why? Because it just came out, it gets the job done very well, I don’t want to jump to another framework at this point, I have confidence in the AngularJS team, and Angular 1.3 makes me more productive. I'll definitely be keeping a close eye on...(Read whole news on source site)

GhostDoc Support for VS2014

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Originally posted on:’s excellent product GhostDoc Pro as of version v4.9.14262, now supports Visual Studio 2014 albeit unofficially! So for those of you with a spare virtual machine to install VS2014 onto, please also install GhostDoc from

If you are serious about programming in either C# and/or VB.Net, you should get GhostDoc as it is a most useful tool to assist in producing XML documentation.

Random Link Roundup–10/31/2014

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Happy Halloween, everyone!  In addition to providing you with a bunch of random links, I’m going to be dressing for the job I want today: Google revealed some details about Angular 2.0 this week.  They didn’t just move the cheese, they took it outside, shot it, then set it on fire.  InfoQ has a concise write-up.  Firepole Marketing lists 16 common website design mistakes and how to fix them.  Let’s not count how many this very site violates.  MOVE ALONG! Have you ever had to make nice-looking HTML
E-mails?  It’s not fun.  BeeFree looks like it might help alleviate some of that pain. Here’s a web-based iOS simulator!  Just upload your .app file, and you'll get a link to your simulator! AppFigures looks like a good way to track useful metrics about your mobile apps.  Jon Skeet is always a good read.  His latest post is no exception. Chocolatey continues to grow up!  It FINALLY has package moderation!  And the Kickstarter is approaching the half-way mark with 18 days...(Read whole news on source site)

#1,192 – Calling Arrange on Child Elements

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When you author a custom control that contains child elements, you should call the Arrange method of each child object within your ArrangeOverride method. Below is an example, from a custom element with one child.  The parent control has a dependency property, ChildProperty, representing the single child element. Below is a second example, from a custom panel that renders […]