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Building ES6 Browser Apps w/ Babel and Grunt

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Over the last few months, I’ve spent a lot of time learning some of the new features in JavaScript ES6 (ES2015). I’ve recorded most of this as a live series of screencasts on WatchMeCode, and have made these episodes available already. Along the way, I also started using ES6 features in my day-to-day JavaScript development […]

Production postmortem: The case of the memory eater and high load

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This is a recent case. One of our customers complained that every now and then they started to see very high memory utilization, escalating quickly until the system would bog down and die. They were able to deploy a mitigation strategy of a sort, when they detected this behavioral pattern, they would force RavenDB to reject client requests for a short while, which would fix this issue. This went on for  a while, because the behavior was utterly random. It didn’t seem to relate to load, peek usage time on the system didn’t correlate to this in any way.
Eventually the customer raised another issue, that a certain spatial query was behaving very slowly in the logs. We tested that, and we found that the customer was correct. More properly, the query executed just fine when run independently. But when we run this query tens or hundreds of times concurrently, we will see very high response times (and getting worse), and we would see the server memory just blowing up very quickly. So we have a memory leak, we figured out, let us see what is going on… We dumped the data, and tried to figure out what it...(Read whole news on source site)

Containerize your applications using docker for Windows - Part 1

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Containers in software terminology is a lightweight virtual environment that groups and isolates a set of processes and resources such as memory, CPU, disk etc. from the host and any other containers. They include the application and all of its dependencies, but share the kernel with the other containers. One huge benefit of containers are that they are not tied to any specific infrastructure. The below diagram depicts docker containers on an infrastructure.

 Containers help developers create and test applications in their local environment and later containerize the application, which creates a docker image with the
app and the components required to run the app which is later used to create a container in an environment which is needed to host the container.

Because the container has everything it needs to run your application, they are very portable and can run on any machine that is running Windows Server 2016. You can create and test containers locally, then deploy that same container image to your company's private cloud, public cloud or service provider. The natural agility of Containers supports modern app development patterns in large scale, virtualized and cloud environments.

With containers, developers can build...(Read whole news on source site)

#OneDrive sharing now became easier with #Windows 10

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Are you using OneDrive to store your documents, pictures and musics? If not, you should start using it. OneDrive is secure and has very good integration with Windows 10. The app itself creates local copy of the selected files/folders and you are just one step away to store and retrieve files. In Windows 10, it also offers one click sharing option directly from the explorer window. In this post, we will discuss about it. Read more to continue.   OneDrive for Windows 10 brings better integration with the explorer. Now you don’t have to go to the web
to share the link. Just a click away to share a link of file or folder. Whoever will have that specific link will be able to see the contents of the shared link. But if you want to share it only for specific people by email and/or want more control over sharing options, you still have to visit the site. Hopefully in near future, Microsoft will add more features to the desktop version of OneDrive. To share a link of a file or folder, just go to the OneDrive folder synched in your system. Make sure that, you have active internet...(Read whole news on source site)

Learning Visual Studio Code

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Do you develop with Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, Docker, Python, Gulp, or ASP.NET? Do you work on a Mac OSX, Linux, or Windows? Today’s developers work with a variety of languages and platforms, so a good tool is super important. I use an editor for most of my development and have tried Brackets, Atom, Sublime and others, but since the preview of Visual Studio Code (aka Code) was released I’ve been using it increasingly as my go-to editor. I’m excited to announce that you can now watch and learn with my Visual Studio Code course on Pluralsight, released this week. Visual Studio Code is an editor. It is not Visual Studio and it is not

The Ultimate Personal Productivity Platform is You

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“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” ― Stephen King The ultimate personal productivity platform is you. Let’s just put that on the table right up front so you know where personal productivity ultimately comes from.  It’s you. I can’t possibly give you anything that will help you perform better than an organized mind firing on all cylinders combined with self-awareness. You are the one that ultimately has to envision your future.  You are the one that ultimately has to focus your attention.  You are the
one that ultimately needs to choose your goals.  You are the one that ultimately has to find your motivation.  You are the one that ultimately needs to manage your energy.  You are the one that ultimately needs to manage your time.  You are the one that ultimately needs to take action.  You are the one that needs to balance work and life. That’s a lot for you to do. So the question isn’t are you capable?  Of course you are. The real question is, how do you make the most of you?

Is your project's best estimation method Agile or conventional?

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Is your project's best estimation method Agile or conventional?

This article elaborates the importance of good estimation practices. It
shows and categorizes a set of estimation techniques. It provides a high
level comparison between Agile and conventional techniques and finally
recommends some general estimation tips. Estimation can be an efficient
practice with better awareness and collaboration.