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Utilize Server Sent Events in ASP.NET MVC

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Some web applications application need to show data in real-time. As soon as the data is made available at the server, it immediately needs to be displayed to the end user. Traditionally developers used to poll the server periodically to check if a new data is available. Wouldn't it be nice if server notifies the client of new data rather than client checking with the server periodically? That is what Server Sent Events (SSE) allow you to do.

Drilling Through in Power BI

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Excel users are familiar with drilling through details by double-clicking a cell in a PivotTable report or PivotChart data point. Power BI has silently added a similar feature to let users see the level of detail behind a chart data point in both Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service. This option can be enabled […]

Power BI Row-level Security in Preview

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As promised at the Microsoft Data Insight Summit last month, Power BI row-level security for published Power BI Desktop files (aka as cloud models) is now in preview. This means that soon you’ll be able to restrict the data that the user is authorized to see based on the user identity. If you have experience […]

SQL SERVER – FIX: Setup Was Not Able to Access Domain

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One of my clients approached me to provide assistance in performance tuning – which is my bread and butter these days. Often once you get into an engagement, they try to maximize the time they get with me. While doing the tuning exercise, the DBA had a side question during the call. Let us learn about how setup is not able to access domain. The post SQL SERVER – FIX: Setup Was Not Able to Access Domain appeared first on Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave.

Learn Backbone.js

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Better Backbone Applications With Marionettejs

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2 blog posts: application is based on Atinux's Backbone books example app and covers some slightly advanced subjects, such as modal dialogs, sub applications,

BackboneJS Applications

Application - Marionette.js Documentation

The Case For Marionette.js - A quick overview of what Marionette is and why it's useful.Connecting Data To Your Views - A look at Marionette's approach to Views and data-bindingBuilding Complex Layouts with Marionette.js - A post to explain Marionette's Regions and...(Read whole news on source site)

Prologika Power BI Showcase – Supply Chain

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I’m excited to announce the second Prologika Power BI Showcase – Supply Chain that was added to the Power BI Partner portal! It’s based on the work we did for the world’s largest package delivery company and a provider of supply chain management solutions. Prologika designed a Power BI-based solution for a Fortune 50 organization to consolidate data […]

Windows 10, RealSense SR300, Person Tracking

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Following up on yesterday’s post, I don’t seem to be having much luck with the Intel SR300 camera and the current RealSense SDK. I’m starting to think that I’ve got some kind of driver mismatch or similar or maybe I just don’t have any hardware that’s compatible with the camera. Based on yesterday’s experimenting, it … Continue reading Windows 10, RealSense SR300, Person Tracking →

How to Insert Multiple Rows in a Single SQL Query – Interview Question of the Week #069

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There are so many different databases in the world and many of them use the language SQL for their programming. It is very easy to assume that if they are using SQL, we can easily use code from one database to another database. Unfortunately the reality is very different, not all the scripts from one database works in another database. Today we will see very interesting question where the user asked a question about inserting multiple rows in a single SQL query. The post How to Insert Multiple Rows in a Single SQL Query – Interview Question of