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Back To Basic – Delegate in C#

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A delegate person is someone who represent an organization or set of people. In C# world a delegate is a reference type variable that represent one or set of methods by holding there reference. Note: The reference can be changed at runtime.  So let’s first understand what it meant. Let’s have a class called BasicMaths having two methods Add [...]

Making circular images in XAML

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A long while back it seemed like the new cool app thing to do was to represent people/avatars in circles instead of the squares (or squares with rounded corners).  I made a snarky comment about this myself almost exactly 2 years ago when I noticed that some apps I was using at the time switched to this: Seeing a trend that the new avatar shape in apps is a circle and no longer square — Tim Heuer (@timheuer) March 23, 2013 Now since this seems to
be a popular trend and people are doing it I’ve thought XAML folks have figured it out.  However I’ve seen enough questions and some people trying to do a few things that make it more complex that I thought I’d drop a quick blog post about it.  I’ve seen people trying to do profile pic upload algorithms that clip the actual bitmap and save on disk before displaying it to people stacking transparent PNG ‘masking’ techniques.  None of this is needed for the simplest display.  Here you go: ...(Read whole news on source site)

SQL Server 2016 public preview coming this summer - SQL Server Team Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

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SQL Server 2016 public preview coming this summer - SQL Server Team Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Top capabilities for the release include: Always Encrypted - a new
capability that protects data at rest and in motion, Stretch Database -
new technology that lets you dynamically stretch your warm and cold
transactional data to Microsoft Azure, enhancements to our
industry-leading in-memory technologies for real-time analytics on top
of breakthrough transactional performance and new in-database analytics
with R integration.

visit the SQL Server
2016 preview page to read about the capabilities of SQL Server 2016 and sign-up to be notified once the public preview is available.  ...(Read whole news on source site)

Windows 10 - An Introduction to Building Windows Apps for Windows 10 Devices

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Windows 10 - An Introduction to Building Windows Apps for Windows 10 Devices

At the OS level, this means a single, maintainable and agile code base.
For developers, it provides a unified, reliable API surface across every
Windows device, from Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as Raspberry
Pi to phone, Xbox, tablet, Surface Hub, laptop, PC and more (like
Microsoft HoloLens). 

universal application platform (UAP).

A new blog look & feel

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This blog has been running continuously for over 10 years now. And while I thing that the level of content has improved somewhat over the years (certainly my command of English did), I’m afraid that we never really touch with the design. This blog theme was taken from (if I recall properly) dasBlog default skin with some color shifting to make it a bit more orange. And I kept that look for the past 10 years, even when we moved between various blogging platform. This has grown tiring, and more to the point, the requirement that we have today are
not nearly the same as before. Hence, the new design. This include responsive design, mobile friendly layout and improving just about every little bit in the user experience. One major feature is the introduction of series, which will allow reader to easily go through an entire related series of post without them (or me) having to do anything. I would appreciate any feedback you have....(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #1854

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Software Announcing FsLab: Data science package for Mono and .NET – Tomas Petricek announces the release of FsLab, a cross platform .NET and Mono based package for doing data science, with built in support for reading from data in a variety of formats, santising and aligning data and building visualisations SQL Server 2016 public preview […]

The Null Conditional Operator

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  Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2015 release candidate. We can assume the RTM version will arrive soon. Visual Studio 2015 is shipped with C# 6. C# 6.0 ships with lots of new features that helps developers improve the way they write code. One of the new feature added to C# 6 is the Null Conditional Operator (?). What is Null Conditional Operator? It is tricky to write a single line definition to null conditional operator. For the purpose of this article let me define Null-Conditional operator as follows. “The null conditional operator prevents the execution
of a method if the caller object is null.” Syntax Consider the following diagram that demonstrates a simple example of null conditional operator. Whether you are novice or experienced developer you must be familiar with null reference exceptions. You must be tired of writing null checking code to make sure your application handles null references correctly. The null-conditional operator is going to save you from writing lots of null checking code. In this article I am going to explain the usage of null-conditional operator with the help of an example. Consider the following...(Read whole news on source site)