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Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 RC 1

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Today we’ve released Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 RC 1 (Release Candidate 1). This is the newest version of Team Foundation Server (TFS), the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft's application lifecycle management (ALM) solution.  There are many feature updates in this update. Here’s a short summary: Version control: use Git and Team Foundation Version Control in the same project, history and getting started improvements on the web portal, social #ID in pull requests, commit details summary is easier to read, and an improved experience for cloning Git repositories. Backlogs: multi-select on all backlogs, drag any item to
an iteration from anywhere, Add panel on the iteration backlog, line on the burndown indicates actual capacity, configure settings directly, add/remove users in the sprint plan, and multiple activities per team member in planning capacity for a sprint. Kanban boards: query on columns, card coloring, tag coloring, inline renaming of columns and swimlanes, reorder cards when changing columns, configure settings directly, and hide empty fields on cards. Work items and tasks: tasks as checklist, link to branches and pull requests in work items, task board card coloring, and limit values shown for Work Item type in queries. Build: improved access control for resources,...(Read whole news on source site)

Create an ASP.NET web app in Azure App Service | Microsoft Azure

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Create an ASP.NET web app in Azure App Service | Microsoft Azure

ways to deploy a web project

For information about other ways to deploy web projects to web apps, by using Visual Studio or by automating deployment from a source control system, see How to deploy an Azure web app.

Visual Studio can also generate Windows PowerShell scripts that you can use to automate deployment. For more information, see Automate Everything (Building Real-World Cloud Apps with Azure).

Service Management Automation

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Service Management Automation


Service Management Automation

Azure Automation

Architecture of Service Management Automation

Migrating from Orchestrator to Azure Automation | Microsoft Azure

ability to centrally control and reuse within our Runbooks:

Schedules - When Runbooks should run
Modules - Ability to upload PowerShell modules for use within Runbooks
Connections - Currently just to Azure but more will come

  Microsoft Operations Management Suite (More details here)

What's the best PAGE_VERIFY setting

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I always set this value to CHECKSUM. When CHECKSUM is enabled for the PAGE_VERIFY database option, the SQL Server Database Engine calculates a checksum over the contents of the whole page, and stores the value in the page header when a page is written to disk. When the page is read from disk, the checksum is recomputed and compared to the checksum value that is stored in the page header. This

SQLServer Tips: Distributed Query Issues With ACE Provider in 64 bit

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Here is another quick blog on solution for an issue you may face while working with ACE provider in 64 bit windows server


A colleague of mine came to me today morning with an issue. He was trying out few distributed query options using OPENROWSET for exporting some data from Excel 2007 for an adhoc requirement utilizing the ACE provider . Suddenly he got a transport error and couldn't connect to instance anymore.
I started a remote desktop session to the server and to my surprise I saw SQL Server service and SQL Agent agent
being down. I restarted them and asked him to try again and monitored myself this time. The OPENROWSET query fetched the results and immediately after that gave the same transport error. At the same time the services for SQL Server and SQL Agent went down. So it was obvious that ACE provider distributed query was causing the services to be down.
I tried the same query in my server and it worked fine. But we were consistently able to reproduce the issue in the problem server. My server was having Windows Server 2008 R2 as the OS whereas the one...(Read whole news on source site)

SQL Server Data Tools BI Installation Issues on Windows 10

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This is a short blog to share the details of an issue that you may face while installing SQL Server Data Tools for BI (SSDT-BI) on Windows 10


You've a laptop or desktop which you upgraded to Windows 10 recently and you're trying to install SSDT-BI in it. You may get an error during the installation and log files will have an entry similar to below
 Stop Block: CompatibilityMode : Windows Program Compatibility mode is on. Turn it off and then try Setup again.

Please note that this error happens only when when you're
trying for a fresh install of SSDT-BI on Windows 10. If you already had SSDT installed before the upgrade it should still work fine.
Microsoft has acknowledged this as a bug and the fix is expected to be out soon.

Meanwhile you can apply the below workaround if you want to get things sorted out right away.


The workaround is to follow the below sequence

Start with the full installation of Visual Studio on Windows 10Subsequently do the installation of SSDT-BI on top of it
Once this sequence is followed the installation will complete successfully and...(Read whole news on source site)

Using ADO.NET from F# – Examples

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ADO.NET is dead and replaced many years ago but this week I needed to write a bit of ADO.NET against SQL Server to test out Prepared statements and server side cursors for an application that requires to support it. Here is the fully working example that covers off the bits I needed: You need to […]