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14 more reasons to download Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 today

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If you haven’t downloaded Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 yet, now is a good time to do so. In the latest KB we have addressed some of the top reported problems around performance and reliability. So far, we’ve made 14 fixes and updates, that address Visual Studio build fail issues, Visual Studio crashes, and improve... Read more

On the Road Again...

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The Hello World Road Trip part two has started. Me and the missus headed out of Atlanta to Belgium for our first stop. We arrived at Techorama, I did a couple of talks and recorded our Belgium podcast with the great Bill Wagner. That should be up this weekend.We have just over half of the stops left in the trip. If you want a chance to see me record a live podcast and talk about ASP.NET Core, sign up for this free event in the following cities:Paris, FranceBarcelona, SpainWashington, DCPhiladelphia,
PANew York City, NYBoston, MABurlington, VTMontreal, CanadaToronto, CanadaDetroit, MIChicago, ILSt. Louis, MODenver, CODon’t forget that we’re giving away over $7,500 in prizes at each event and feeding you too! It should be fun no matter which stop you see me at.

JavaScript’s “new” vs Object Literals: Performance Implications

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If it’s faster to use object literals or other forms of object creation in JavaScript, why would anyone use the “new” keyword and constructor functions? Does it make a difference when it comes to the application performance vs the readability and expressed intent of the code? In this episode of ThoughtsOnCode, Derick answers these questions […]

What's new on the Office Roadmap - 2016-05-06 (Future of SharePoint edition)

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The Office Roadmap updates with the new announcements from the Future of SharePoint event has arrived (they arrived May the 4th to be precise). I'm back from the event and San Francisco and I'm full of the energy that the SharePoint team transmitted. You should specifically take a look at the In Development part here. That's where we got the new and fresh stuff from the Future of SharePoint event. Changes 2016-06-06 Now Launched Delve Analytics: Do you want all the details on how and when you work Delve Details and an E5 subscription is all you need
(from in development) Drive Shipping and Network Based Data Import for Office 365: Fast Track is getting more and more mature with import options (from in development) FastTrack | Box to OneDrive for Business Migration: Still using Box? Get your files over to OneDrive with Fast Track (from in development) FastTrack | Expanded language support: More languages available in the FastTrack (new) FastTrack | Power BI onboarding support: And Fast Track Power BI is now live (from in development) Multiple timeline bars in Project Online: This must be one of the features that's been jumping...(Read whole news on source site)

RavenDB 3.5 Whirlwind tour: I need to be free to explore my data

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This feature is primarily about giving operations / developers the ability to just say: "I don't care about performance, I don't care about cost, I need to find something out, and I wanna do this qucikly". For those case, you can use Data Exploration: This allows you to write Linq statements that are processed on the server with full access to the entire data set. Note that this has the option of running for a very long time, so we also provide a way to limit the cost based on time and the number of documents to process.
And, of course, because those kind of tasks are almost always generated at the behest of a business analyst, we can get the results as an Excel file, and dump the data in someone's else lap to deal with it....(Read whole news on source site)

The Morning Brew #2087

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Software Welcoming WiX Toolset to the .NET Foundation – Martin Woodward Caliburn.Micro 3.0.1 released – Caliburn.Micro Team Information Tooling to Facilitate Framework Migrations – Mike Rousos Using Mocks or Stubs, Revisited – Jeremy D Miller A Manager’s Guide to Legacy Code – Erik Dietrich Simple incoming OP parser for Nats in C# & Using the […]