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Mary Jo Foley, editor of ZDNet’s All About Microsoft blog talks about /Build and the new leadership at the New Microsoft. All About Microsoft MJF’s Interview of Scott Guthrie MJF’s Interview of Terry Myerson Cortana Build Announcements Project N Listen … Continue reading → For the complete article and hyperlinks, please visit my blog at

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Starting with our experiments with integrating General Purpose GPU programming into F# at Microsoft Research, I've been watching the evolution of F# as a GPGPU programming platform. Over time, GPGPU programming with F# has become both more professionalized, and much more broad spectrum (including CUDA, OpenCL and other options). Some latest developments in this area have been: There were two talks on F#/GPU/Finance at the NVIDIA GTC Conference covering both how F#/GPU programming is really used in real, large-scale financial applications, and how F# enables the design of a language-integrated compiler targeting LLVM:
  GPU Applications for Modern Large Scale
Asset Management   (Daniel Egloff)
  How to Design a Language Integrated Compiler with LLVM (Xiang Zhang, Aaron Brewbaker) 
  Alea.cuBase 1.2.680 has been released – congratulations to the team from QuantAlea!  Alea.cuBase is available on NuGet.
  QuantAlea have released a first version of CUDALab, demonstrating live documentation for CUDA kernels written using F# scripts and Alea.cuBase.
  Vulpes is a Deep Belief Net written in F#, and using Alea.cuBase to access the GPU. The source for Vulpes is now available on GitHub.
  FSCL (the F# to OpenCL compiler) has matured considerably.  FSCL increases the abstraction over OpenCL programming on...(Read whole news on source site)



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