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AngularJs and Promises with the $http Service

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When using the $http service with Angular I’ve often wondered why the $http service opts to use a custom Promise instance that has extension methods for .success() and .error(). rather than relying on the more standard .then() function to handle the callbacks. Traditional promises (using the $q Service in Angular) have a .then() function to provide a continuation on success or failure, and .then() receives parameters for a success and failure callback. The various $http.XXXX functions however, typically use the .success() and .error() functions to handle callbacks. Underneath the $http callbacks there is still a $q Promise, but the extension
functions abstract away some of the ugliness that is internal to the $http service. This might explain that when looking at samples of Angular code that use the $http service inside of custom services, I often see code that creates a new wrapper Promise and returns that back to the caller rather than the original $http Promise. The idea is simple enough – you want to create a service that captures the data and stores is and then notify the controller that the data has changed or refreshed. Let’s look at a few different approaches to help us understand...(Read whole news on source site)

K2 Blackpearl: Using Dynamic Escalation Date

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Recently we had a scenario where after the client was notified about an activity, we had to send first notification 1 hr after the initial email was sent out and reminder notifications every 2 hrs. I defined the data varialbles FirstNotification as 1 and ReminderNotification as 2. So we used the Dynamic Escalation setting that […]

TechEd Europe. Barcelona. 28-31 October. We’re there, are you?

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What’s not to like? TechEd, Barcelona, lovely Mediterranean fall weather, intensive interesting sessions, La Rambla, networking with other geeks, Gaudí architecture everywhere… We’re going to be there in force this year: Rachel (she’s the Boss this trip), Amanda, Seth, Don, Oliver, and me, and we’d love to see you! So, do pop by the DevExpress booth when the exhibit hall is open: it’s #50, wherever that is (we’ll find out on Monday when we put it up). Come and talk to us about what’s happening at DevExpress, what’s coming up in 14.2, what
we can do to drive your software development efforts forward. Rachel has insisted that we have a raffle, so we sent her out to go buy a Dell Venue Pro and some rolls of raffle tickets, so be sure to pick one of those up along with some swag when you say hi. Swag? Shhh, keep it quiet or everyone will want some. Seth is going to be presenting a marvelous session on Machine Learning – you should go see this, I learn a lot when I chat with him about this stuff in the office: ...(Read whole news on source site)

And I say to ASHX for SharePoint: make me a folder.

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Sometimes, I do get to do some on-premises farm stuff.  Because deep in my soul, I'm a hardcore dev.  Muahaha. Scenario In InfoPath, we want to be able to: Send people to a folder within a document library, for them to upload attachments.  Each form has its own unique ID, say "1234".  The folder will be /Attachments/1234/ The folder doesn't need to be created when it's not used.  That is, it would be great to create the folder ON DEMAND Finally, InfoPath
is quite dumb.  It only has a hyperlink.   Solution Create a HTTP Handler that takes this URL:  /_layouts/InfoPathHelper/InfoPathHandler.ashx?folder=/attachments/ Create a folder on demand, and then respond via a HTTP Redirect.   Steps   Add a ashx handler to your SharePoint solution.  CKSDev has great template for this. Add code to ProcessRequest
public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
{ ...(Read whole news on source site)

Is the CSLA .NET ViewModelBase class useful?

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CSLA .NET predates the MVVM pattern by around a decade. All that time I've been telling people they should create an object model that matches the problem domain. Lots of people told me I was talking about "old fashioned OO" or otherwise dismissed what I was saying. They preferred to think of their 'model' as simple data container objects. At some point most of them eventually realized that they needed something that actually matched the problem domain, and that their 'model' couldn't do it while still being simple data containers. So they invented a new concept called a 'viewmodel' that (when done right) does match the problem domain
- just like the UI always matches the problem domain. At this point if you are a CSLA user you encounter an interesting situation, where you've been creating domain objects maybe for a decade longer than MVVM has existed, but MVVM is now the POTY (pattern of the year) and so you feel like you need to use it. Everyone wants the POTY after all :) I spent a lot of time thinking about this and eventually decided that creating a viewmodel that echoes all your domain object's properties is just a lot of busy-work that has huge cost in development and testing. So it is _far_...(Read whole news on source site)

[Flags] attribute for Enum in C#

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Enum in c# supports the Flags attribute which can be used whenever the enum result represents a collection of values instead of a single value . Assume that we have an enum with the following entries... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

How to Convert a date to HTTP formatted date in C# ?

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If you want to convert a date to a Http formatted date in C# , the developers can use the “r” string format . Additionally , the date should be in GMT format which can be achieved using the ToUniversalTime() function. How to Convert a date to HTTP formatted date in C# ? Below is [...]
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href="" rel="nofollow">Different Ways to get the computer name in c#
...(Read whole news on source site)

How to remove duplicates from integer array in C# ?

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Below is a sample code snippet demonstrating the usage of the extension methods to get the distinct data from integer array in C#. How to remove duplicates from integer array in C# ? using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Data; using System.IO; using System.IO.Compression; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace GinktageConsoleApp { class Program { [...]...(Read whole news on source site)