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Adding Toast Notification to your new Windows Universal App created from an existing web app.

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Adding Toast Notification to an App is very common requirement. In one our previous post you have seen How to create a universal windows app form the existing web app. In this post lets see how to add the toast notification to the web app which gets triggers only when the web app is used [...]

Using MEAN stack on Windows can result with folder hierarchy that is not easy to delete

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Originally posted on: typical example that leads to this problem is to use Yeoman to create the complete skeleton web app. Based on article I just run the sequence npm install -g generator-webapp mkdir my-yo-project cd my-yo-project yo webapp After some crunching I got some 80 Mbytes worth of app skeleton. As this was just the test to peek into the content of this skeleton, I wanted to delete the my-yo-project -- only to find that any ordinary means to do that led nowhere; I became a victim
of quite often encountered problem: After some amount of wasted time trying all the tricks I had available, I found a solution described at A better solution is to use the tool from the same toolbox that caused a problem - the node_modules folder hierarchy that is too deep to be handled by windows tools subject to 255 character file path limit. Simply invoke the following two commands from the node_modules parent directory: npm install --global rimraf rimraf node_modules After a great discussion with members of the Yeoman team, I...(Read whole news on source site)

Reducing parsing costs in RavenDB

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Note, this is something that we are considering for 4.0. RavenDB uses JSON natively to handle pretty much everything. Which makes sense, for a JSON Document Database. JSON is easy to parse, human readable and for the most part, have no real complexity associated with it. However, while JSON is easy to parse, there is some computational overhead around parsing it. In fact, in our perf testing, we spend quite a lot of time just serializing and deserialzing JSON. It is one of the major costs we have to deal with, mostly because that is something that happens all the
time. We have previous used BSON to store documents internally, but profiling has actually shown that it is cheaper to hold the data as JSON text and parse it. So that is what we are currently doing. However, even faster parsing is still parsing, and something that we would like to avoid. There is also an issue with how this is actually represented in memory. Let us consider the following JSON: {"FirstName":"John","LastName":"Smith"} In memory, this is represented as (highly simplified): Dictionary instance string[] for the keys “FirstName” string “LastName” string object[] for the values “John” string “Smith” string In other words, especially for large documents, there are a...(Read whole news on source site)

The Sauber F1 Team and NetApp extend partnership

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NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), a global leader in storage and data management, and the Sauber F1 Team are pleased to announce the extension of their partnership. After a successful three-year collaboration with NetApp, this year marks the fourth consecutive year the Sauber F1 Team has worked with the company as a Technical Partner. NetApp provides the...
Comprehensive Mobile Workspace Solution over a tri-city…Motivating a Development Team
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How to Lock your computer in Windows 10 ?

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There are 2 different ways in which you can lock your Windows 10 PC . How to Lock your computer in Windows 10 ? 1. Use the shortcut key (Windows + L) 2. Use the options in the Start Menu. – In the start menu , select the user name in the top left corner....
Display the Administrative Tools in the Windows 8 Start Screen?
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The Morning Brew #1917

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Information Remote Profiling support in Azure App Service – Hamid Safi Why write Python in Visual Studio? – Steve Dower Service Fabric SDK Preview – 1.0.328 – Sean McKenna Continuous deployment – Gabriel Schenker WCF: Be careful with allowCookies="true" – Tomas Restrepo Building Azure Service Fabric Actors with F# – Part 1 – Isaac Abraham […]

Announcing LightSpeed 5.5

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I’m pleased to announce that LightSpeed 5.5 is fresh out of the oven and ready for you! What’s new? Visual Studio 2015 support! This is a major driver behind the updated version number. Provider enhancements There has been a range of improvements made to various underlying database providers. They include: Int64 mapping support in the […]