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If you’ve been using Jasmine for testing your JavaScript, you’ve probably used spies to replace functions on objects and check that they were called, check arguments, etc. Spies are a powerful and necessary part of unit testing with Jasmine and I use them a lot. But I’ve recently found myself wanting further separation from dependencies […]
Lessons Learned, And 3 Resources For For Learning RabbitMQ On NodeJS 
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Originally posted on:   Recently I had a request from a customer to find which SharePoint 2010 / 2013 lists are using InfoPath forms for their data entry (also known as enterprise forms for a SharePoint list).  In this post I will show you a PowerShell script to determine if a SharePoint list is using InfoPath forms.   Problem   As you may have heard, InfoPath as a product will not be receiving any future releases (see InfoPath roadmap update blog post).  Being able to find SharePoint lists using InfoPath forms may be useful
to you now.   Solution    Special thanks goes out to Joe Rodgers (fellow PFE at Microsoft) who helped me narrow down the specific properties to look at.  The property that we want is not at the base of the SPList properties nor on the SPList.Forms properties like I had hoped.  Instead you will need to dig a few levels down.  I found the property at SPList.ContentTypes[0].ResourceFolder.Properties[“_ipfs_infopathenabled”].  If this setting is true then your list is using InfoPath forms for data entry.  If it is false then it is using out of the box SharePoint forms....(Read whole news on source site)

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This is another in my Getting Started series, where he provides an introduction to a topic that everyone knows about but not everyone is actually doing (or doing enough of). In this episode, I show how to get started with source control with Visual Studio Online. You will see how to set up a team project using Visual Studio Online, add a solution to source control, check out and check in source code and how to search, merge and branch the codebase.



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