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Using a style replacing behavior for making UWP adaptive layouts – REVISED

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Preface to revision This post was updated significantly on February 13, 2016 as I realized I had once again not adhered to the advice my late math teacher Mr. Rang gave my class somewhere in the 80’s – “do not try to be clever”. My previous attempt at doing this had a clever mechanism in it to find and replace styles based upon the style name, which you had to supply as a string. This limited the use to local resources, and also gave some stability issues. It took me some two weeks to realize I don’t need code
for looking up styles by name - XAML has a perfectly built-in mechanism for that. It’s been there for ages. It’s called StaticResource. Yeah. Indeed. See right. Anyway, I have adapted my behavior, sample code, and now this post.  Intro As I was in the process of porting my app Map Mania to the Universal Windows Platform, I of course extensively used Adaptive Triggers. Now that works pretty darn well, unless you have a whole lot of elements that need to be changed. The credits page of my app looks like this

A Windows 10, UWP ListView Control with Swiped Actions?

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I came across a forum question which was asking whether someone could provide the starting point for a ListView control which acted in a similar way to the built-in mail app on Windows 10 such that you can use a swipe-left/swipe-right gesture to flag/delete mail on Windows 10. I wanted to answer the question and … Continue reading A Windows 10, UWP ListView Control with Swiped Actions? →

SQL SERVER – FIX: Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 58. Login failed for user

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One of the most common and searched SQL Server failure is around “Logins”. Login failed for user has always been tricky and interesting to troubleshoot. I don’t think there is a silver bullet to easily troubleshoot the same. With every version of SQL Server, there are enhancements made in error reporting, which try to make […]

Atlanta Stop of the Hello World Road Trip

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Had a great time kicking off the road trip in Atlanta. If you missed it, you’ll be able to hear Jim Wooley’s story soon on the Hello World Podcast! In case you don’t know, at each stop of the I’m doing a live recorded podcast as well as an hour talk about ASP.NET Core 1.0. We’re feeding everyone and giving away some great prizes by our sponsors including Pluralsight and Infragistics! If you want to get the code from the ASP.NET Core 1.0 demo, I’m uploading each city to a common Github repo: Hope to see you at an upcomign stop. Feel free to stop by the site and register today!

Visual Studio Toolbox: More XAML Designer Less XAML Typing

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In this episode, I am joined by Jon Chu to explore how good the Visual Studio XAML Designer and Blend are these days. My New Year's resolution is to spend less time typing XAML and more time using the designers. Jon shows several examples of how you can build a XAML app and not have to type the XAML. Resources Windows Dev Center ( UWP samples ( Sample app used in this episode ( Guide to customizing the sample app (

Which actual Windows 10 apps I use

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This Neowin article asks people whether they use many actual Windows 10 (WinRT or UWP) apps. I knew I used quite a few, but decided to make a list of the ones I use on a regular basis (all at least once a week, but many of them several times a day). Of course I have a lot more installed, but I don’t actually use them often, or at all. Someday I should do a purge of old stuff I installed to try and then never used again… Here’s my list of apps that I use on a regular/consistent basis (not in any
particular order): Cortana - my indispensable digital assistant (Siri is like her dullard older sister)
Clipboard - share anything to the clipboard - indispensable utility app
PowerBI – watch my VSTS and GitHub repos, plus Magenic business dashboards
Email and Calendar (yes, they are finally quite good apps)
OneNote (the touch version is better than the Win32 version on a Surface - by far)
MyRadar - useful on every device everywhere!!
Tweetium - excellent twitter client - I love it!
News - the msn/bing news app - I use it on my iPhone too -...(Read whole news on source site)